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General Product Questions

Do the lid knobs screw on to an already existing bolt? Do the long and short side handles fasten on with furnished bolts?

The lid knobs do screw on to an existing bolt and the side handles are attached with a bolt.

can you fix my towncraft electric skillet. the place to plug in cord looks worn. also i need a new plug.

Because we do not carry Townecraft cookware name brand we do not carry replacement parts. If you need these parts you can find the company at www.townecraft.net. You can email them at customerservice@townecraft.net or call them at 1-800-977-7687 Also, their address is:

Townecraft Inc.
One De Boer Drive
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Does your product work well on a ceramic electric cooktop?

Yes.  Our cookware works great on a ceramic electric cooktop.  Our cookware is designed to give fast even heat conduction and distribution throughout the entire pan (side to side, top to bottom).  Each type of stove whether gas, electric or ceramic will require a slight adjustment up or down in temperature.  Even the brand of the cooktop can make a difference.  A good rule of thumb is to start your heat on medium to medium high until hot and then turn down to low.  These setting can be just a slight setting above or below medium, medium high, or low.  Thank you for your question.


How can you cook pasta, rice, etc with water? what about boiling an egg?

For all dehydrated foods use the instructed amount of water. Hard boiled eggs also are boiled in water. Thank you for your interest in Vao Seal.

In June of 1966, I purchased a set of Aristocraft cookware by Westbend. Do they have knobs or handles for this in stock?

Westbend has been bought or merged with Regal Ware.  You can order replacement knobs and handles at www.regalware.com or contact them at:

Regal Ware Worldwide
1675 Reigle Drive
Kewaskum, WI 53040
(262) 626-2121

We had purchaced water less cookware in the late 80's and it was lift time warrenty, There is handle broke and on top of the lid broke also, I can't seam to find anyone to help me with this problem? Can you, they where made by Society Enterprize Co.

These handles can be ordered online at www.regalware.com or you can contact the company at

Regal Ware Worldwide
1675 Reigle Drive
Kewaskum, WI 53040
(262) 626-2121

How do I order replacement knobs?

The best place to start when getting replacement handles is to look on the bottom or under the handle for the name brand.  The following is a great resource website with information on most of the waterless cookware companies:  follow the link www.school-for-champions.com/health/waterless2.htm

Does your cookware work on an induction stove?

Yes.  Our cookware is designed to work great on an induction range.  Thank you for your interest.

My fry pan handle has cracked.... How do I get a replacement?

The first thing you should do is get as much information you can from your cookware.  There should be some writing stamped on the bottom of your pan, under the handle or on the cookbook.  Once you have the information you can contact that company for information.  If you need help finding the company you can go to www.school-for-champions.com for a complete list or call us and we can help you find the contact information.


Waterless cookware itself does rice very well.  Because of the sealing covers and even heating the moisture evenly spread throughout the pan and it makes wonderful fluffy cooked rice.  I would recommend any of our pans for cooking rice.  Thank you for your interest in Vapo-Seal cookware.

upon purchase, how long is the shipping to B urbank CA?

Shipping from Virginia(our location) to California usually takes 5 business days or one week.  We ship products the day of order or the day after.  Thank you for your interest in Vapo-Seal.

My problem is that I am considering buying the cookware set, but will not give the gift until the middle of June. I will not know if the recipient likes the gift, and it will be 3 months from now, and 2 months past the return guarantee. What do you suggest in this instance?Also, I have used Flavor Seal by Cory since 1972 and love it. Is this product similar?

If this is for a gift then you can return it after it is given as long as you don't use the cookware.  In a case like this just call us and let us know the circumstance.  Our cookware is very similar to the Flavor Seal.  It is made of similar materials and has great heat conduction and sealing covers for the waterless cooking method.  Thank you for your interest.

is this set dishwasher safe and are the lids oven safe on the dutch oven? do you also have a large roaster to match the set? I'm not interested in the egg poacher, can it be substituted? thank you so much

The cookware is dishwasher safe and oven safe 350 degrees. The largest dutch oven we have is 7QT although we have various sizes of stockpots. Thank you for your interest in Vapo Seal.

what is the differance between the vented lids and the non vented lids. Are there differant techniques in using them?

The main difference between the vented and non vented is in the way you know when to turn your heat to low.  With a vented lid when the steam begins to build in the pan the lid whistles to tell you to turn it to low.  You then close the vent and turn it to low to finish cooking.  With the non vented lid the lid moves up and down to allow the steam to escape.  This is an indication to turn the heat to low to finish cooking.

Ive heard that cooking with pots and pans that are made from surgical stainless steel are the healthiest option being that you dont get any bacteria(such as you do from cast iron) or chemicals(cooking with teflon) is this true? Is there really a health advantage to buying these surgical steel pots and pans?

Surgical stainless steel is most definitely the cleanest and safest metal to eat from. It's properties such as non porous, corrosion resistant, and hardness keeps your food free of any bacteria and chemicals from other types of cookware. It doesn't ware out and with the heat conduction core it cooks very evenly and fast on a lower heat. Thank you for your interest in Vapo-Seal.

The handles on my set require constant tightening. They have fallen off in past. I purchased this set in 1978.

It sounds like your handles are stripped. If you tell me what brand of waterless cookware you have I can help you get your handles replaced.

Hi, Is all of your cookware including the stockpots and griddles induction compatible?

Yes. All of the items are induction compatible. If you would purchase something and find it not to work properly we will give a full refund. Thank you for your interest in our products.

Is it possible to get a set of instructions for the Maxam food cutter? We received one for a gift and don't have a book.

Please send me your email address or physical address and I will send you a copy of an instruction manual.

I did not get a instructional video with my maxam food cutter-how an i suppose to use it?

If you can send me your email address I will send you an instruction guide. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I purchased a set of your cookware 35 years ago and the electric skillet no longer works properly. I was told I could get this replaced for little to no cost. Is that true? Your product was/is fantastic!

Please let me know what information you can give me from your product and I will help you to get the replacements you need.

Please tell me about your Warranty. Is it Lifetime on all of the cookware and supplies? I am *very* interested in learning about this waterless cookware!

Yes. We have a lifetime guarantee on the products we sell. The guarantee comes in the back of the cookbook that comes with the set. We also give contact information on this cookbook so if you have any issues you can reach us.

I cooked some ham on the flat skilet and it won't come clean, know it's brown can't get it clean scared of scraching the surface.

Try using barkeepers friend. Put the cleaner on the surface that is brown and rub with a dry paper towel applying pressure. If this doesn't work if you use a copper scouring pad it should come clean. Copper is softer than stainless steel so it shouldn't scratch.

can you cook without adding oil in the skillet....such as fried potatoes?

You can cook shredded potatoes without oil and if you will be surprised at how good they taste. If you want to give them a added fried taste you can add a little oil or oil spray. The less you stir the potatoes the less they will stick. If you are going to cook the potatoes shredded it is good to soak the potatoes in water for several minutes first than drain the water off.

Do you have an installment plan to pay for the cookware? I am interested in the $715.00 vented set. Is it possible for me to make three payments?

If we do the installment plan on this combo special I would also like to send the merchandise in installments. For example with your first $240 payment I would send the 17PC set with the second $240 payment. I would send the cutter and the 12QT and with the third $240 payment I would send the electric skillet. Thank you for your interest in our products. Suzanne

At the Texas State fair, waterless cookware is demostrated daily, but no one addresses simple things like frying an egg. How is it done? Demonstrators stress no grease for health reasons, etc.

To cook eggs you need a little oil, butter or Pam spray and cook on medium temperature. Eggs and fish both do still require some type of lubricant to keep them from sticking because of their consistency. The less you stir your eggs the less they will stick to the pan. Thank you for your question.

I purchased the Queen Anne brand of your waterless cookware in 1969-70, not exactly sure which year. I love the cookware, am still using it, however some of the knobs and handles have started to deteriorate, the knobs have the codes 161-BA and AP1 or i-2, and there is also a small round flat piece of plastic between the knob and the cover, I also need some handles, can you help me.

Here is information on where to get replacement parts for your Queen Ann brand of waterless cookware. This information was taken from www.school-for-champions.com

Queen Ann
473 St Mary's Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba MB R2M3K9
(204) 989-2701

Manufactured in the U.S. by the West Bend Co
Customer Service: (262) 306-7054

How does this compare to Townecraft Cookware?

Our cookware is similar in many ways to the Townecraft brand.  Vapo-Seal is constructed of similar materials and has similar features such as low heat cooking, minimum moisture cooking, greaseless cooking, and stack cooking.  We have a lifetime guarantee like Townecraft and a preview program which allows you to look at our cookware before you purchase it.  We also do have a money back guarantee too.  Thank you for your interest in our cookware.

to you still have dinner party

We don't do these anymore.  We do try to help you as much as possible by phone on the waterless cooking method.  Thank you for your interest in our company.

Hi i have the set. my cleaning powder is finished how can i get that? where can i buy or how can i order?

You can buy Bar Keepers Friend at Wal-Mart or at www.barkeepersfriend.com

return policy, what is it?

If you would like to return your cookware please call us and let us know.  We will give you a full refund as soon as we receive the returned items if returned within 30 days and you are not satisfied.

We have been using the HOMEMAKERS GUILD cookware since the late 60's is this one of your product lines?

Are cookware is very similar to this but Homemakers Guild is a different company/brand.  If you are trying to find Homemakers Guild you can call 262-306-7054 or go to www.regalware.com.  Regal has bought out many of the waterless cookware brands including Homemakers Guild and still warrants and sells many of these brands.

I have enjoyed my VitaCraft cookware since I purchased it around 1958. My dilemma is: I purchased a ceramic cook top and due to many,many years of cooking the bottom section of my double-boiler set has become rounded and is quite difficult to cook in because it doesn't set flat. Can you help????

It is very likely that the company will replace your piece under the warranty. There contact information is 111000 W 58th Street
Shawnee, Kansas 66203 913-631-6265 or 1-800-359-3444. You can also find them at www.vitacraft.com

I need a handle for one of my pots and the electic cord for my electric pan

Please send me any information on your pans and I will find you the proper replacement.

I purchased a set of Miracle Wear in the early 70's and they are the black color. The bottoms of the pans coatings have worn off and food sticks. Too, two of my pans have bubbled out on the bottom and will not set level on the burner. Is my warrents any good, I can't find the cookbook with the set. Thanks, Jane Cave. Box 74, Glendale, Kentucky 42740.

This particular brand I am not familar with. I have heard of Miracle Maid.  If your set is Miracle Maid these pans are warranted against defects and you can probably get them repairs or replaced.  Miracle Maid is part of Regal Ware.  You can find them at www.regalware.com

My wife purchased a set of the waterless cookware (Cory) and we are looking for a replacement handle for the dutch oven. The ones on your site are not the same handles that are on her dutch oven. Could you tell me where I can find a replacement handle for this? SHe uses it all the time but now since the handle broke, she can't use it because she is unable to pick up the pan. Can you please help me out with this?Thank you

Cory is part of New Era out of Clarksville TN.  You can find more about them at www.neweracookware.com  I don't have a phone number for them at this time but there address is New Era, Inc.Customer Service Department, 157 Airport Rd., Clarksville, TN  37042

I am currently researching waterless cookware. Does your product have vapor lock seals? Thank you, Wendy

Yes.  Each pan has a lid that is designed to seal to the pan with a water/vapor seal.  Both the non vented and vented sets will create the vapor seal.

Can my Dutch Oven go into the oven without damage? I've always used it on top of the stove.

It is fine to put it in the oven up to 300 degrees.

My inlaws have been with us for the Holidays, they recently burned a silicone steamer into one of my pans. What exactly does the warranty cover?

Usually on something like this you will need to pay a replacement cost which is a little lower than the regular cost of a pan.  Let me know which pan you need and give me all the details you have from the set(words on the bottom or side).  Thank you

We had some brown stains on a pot and the skillet.We tried cleaning with Bar Keepers that came with the product without success.We purchased some copper pads per the above FAQ suggestion.I was surprised the copper scratched the surface of skillet and the pot especially after paying $415 for the set.Do the scratch's affect the performance of the pot/skillet?I now need to know how to remove brown stains from food without scratching the surface. Please advise.Thank YouRon Tanner

Sometimes when first using the stainless steel it will develop brown or cloudy spots which will lessen as you use it.  If the Bar keepers friend that we sent with the set is not working try the powder formula with a paper towel a  drop of water.  The less water you use with the liquad barkeepers friend or the powder formula the better it performs.  Apply pressure with a paper towel.  This usually works well.  Over time your cookware will develop light scratches.  This will not effect the performance of the cookware as the steel is too thick to penetrate to the second layer which is carbon steel.  I hope this helps.

Glad to find you online. I bought my old Duncan Hines cookware back when my now 40 and 45 year old daughters were tiny. Have no handles anymore. Still my favorite for cooking. I use potholders and two hands to handle hot pots. Sure would be nice to replace at least one of those handles. For years now my kids made fun of my old pots. Last year they went together and bought me a new set of another brand backed by famous chef for Christmas. I already ruined one of the new pots by setting it on high to boil and forgetting it. The water boiled out and it bonded itself to the electric eye. The layers of the bottom seperated when I pulled it off. Pulled out the old pots again.

For Duncan Hines brand waterless cookware call 262-626-2121 or online at www.regalware.com.  They can help you on this.

I have a lg. skillet and sm. skillet and they both stick so bad that I have trouble using them. I wonder if there is anything I can do to prevent them sticking.

Sorry I didn't answer you sooner.  It is best to not use any higher heat than a medium setting.  Most meat will stick at first but will release from the pan once it is brown.  For fish and eggs use a small amount of oil or Pam.

I noticed that while you are stressing the waterless cooking, you glazed over the greaseless factor. I have waterless and greaseless cookware that I purchased 30 years ago from Lifetime Cookware which actually *does* cook with no grease or oil spray etc..even fish, steaks, pork chops, etc and you can cook them from frozen, no thawing needed.. how does this cookware stand up to Lifetime Cookware which is the industry standard in surgical stainless greaseless/waterless cooking? As I said, I am a long time customer and am still in love with my set as I was the first day I was given a piece of Lifetime for my high school graduation. I was frankly surprised to see another cookware even made of the same stainless on the market. Please advise?

Thank you for bring this to our attention.  It is good to see that you are using your lifetime cookware properly.  It is true that meats will not stick including fish and the best results are when you use frozen fish/meat.  I will review the site and look to improve the understanding of the greaseless factor.  Thanks for your input!

How does your product compare to Kitchen Craft? We saw a demonstration today and have never heard of waterless cookware.

We are very similar to Kitchen Craft.  Our products are made of T304 surgical stainless steel on the inside and the outside with additional layers of aluminium and carbon steel for quick even heating.  The lids create a vapor seal that allows all of the heat to stay in the pan.  These pans are very durable, easy to clean and if used properly can improve the taste and nutrition in your food.  The sets come with a cookbook to explain how to use it.  Thank you for your interest in our cookware.

Is shipping free going to Canada? Do you charge any tax ?

Most shipping charges to Canada are an additional $50.  There is usually a customs charge once your cookware gets to Canada.  Thank you for your interest in our products.

Where can I purchase the barkeepers friend to clean my pots?

Some Wal-Marts and Food Lions carry it.  You can also order it online or find a retailer at www.barkeepersfriend.com

Watched all your excellent info videos and have a question. Besides price what is the difference between your products & lifetime??? Thanks.

There is not a lot of difference between the two.  They are both constructed similarly and work similarly.  We have a lifetime guarantee and a money back guarantee so if you are interested it is definitely worth taking a look at it.  Thank you

Is your product manufactured in the USA?

The Vapo-Seal is made in China.  If you are interested in American made only we have another set called Flavor Seal available.  It has basically the same size pieces and is $150 more or $479.  If you are interested in this product please call us at 888-544-2390 or email suzanner@discoverwaterlesscooking.com.  Thank you for your interest.

I purchased a set of waterless cookware in 1967. I think it was called Camelot. Both handles of the smaller pots have broken. Can you advise as to where I can replace them? Thanks.

I can help.  This trademark is owned by Regal Ware.  More information about them can be found at www.regalware.com(Camelot is listed there) or by calling 262-626-2121.  I am sure they will be glad to help you with your replacements.

We have a set of "Cordon Bleu" waterless cookware purchased in the 1970's. Our daughter would like to have a set like it but I can't find them anywhere. The description of your set sounds very much like what we have. Are they the same product with a different name?

Regal Ware owns this trademark of Cordon Bleu and continues to sell other name brands of waterless cookware however I am pretty sure they do not sell Cordon Bleu anymore.  Our cookware is also very similar to Cordon Bleu and the other sets that Regal Ware now offers.  Our products are sold at a fraction of the price due to the method of sales we currently use.  You can expect to pay no less than $1000 for a small Regal Ware waterless cookware set.  I would like to recommend you consider our products on the preview program.  To preview call us and we will send you the cookware to look at.  If you like it you can send us a check or call us with a credit card.  If you don't like it we will send you a label for you to return the product at no cost to you.  This allows you a no risk opportunity to consider us.

Thank you for your interest!

Im looking at purchasing a set of surgical stainless cookware. I recently saw a demo "sales pitch" on Royal Prestige cookware. How is your product different other than the distibution method. Also their lids will fit backwards on the pans for storage and will not fall off if they are hanging from a rack, does your Vap-Seal have this feature?

Our cookware is very similar to Royal Prestige.  It is constructed similarly and works similarly.  The lids to fit inside the pan for easy storage and they can also be hung on the wall by the handle.  If you would like to see our products call us about our preview program.  Thank you for your interest.

Hi...how are the handles attached to the various pans (welded or rivet)?Thanks....Larry

The handles are welded on.  They are very easy to replace with as they screw on to the side weld.  Thank you for your interest.

1970 my mom bought me a set of westminster waterless stainless steel cookware the sauce pan and the 2.5 qt pan top's handle have broken do you carry replacement parts for them?

Unfortunately I have no information on this brand name of waterless cookware.  I would suggest you continue to research online.  I looked in some depth but can't find the manufacturer.  They may be out of business.

I have the king kutter and did not receive any information on how to use it or any recipes I was told that it came with both, how do I get them.Theresa

Where did you buy the King Kutter?

I have a set Queen Anne cookware since and i need to replace some of knobsand handles.I would like to know where to order them and if the warranty still covers them.Thank You Regards:Judi Holmedal

You can get the replacements for this by calling (262) 306-7054

Hi, I have had my set for 40 yrs...The set is in great shape, but 1 med. size pot, the bottom bubbled up. Does the warrenty cover any of the price for a new one? thank you

It should be covered for replacement if the company is still in business.  What is your brand name?  This will help me help you locate the company.

two of my covers for the foreverware t304 Surgical stainless 9 element pots (8" & 9")got lost when I moved, how can I replace them or where should I buy them

I am sorry but  I am not familiar with this brand.  You can try www.school-for-champions.com/health/waterless2.htm for possible help.

Is the same as Permanent Cookware sold at parties in the 70"s?

It is very similar to Permanent.  I am not sure they still manufacture the name brand of Permanent but you can find more information at www.school-for-champions.com/waterless2.htm

How do you go about boiling your pasta, eggs, or just water to brew tea if you should never cook above medium or med-high settings on stovetop? Also, how long will the process take to boil?

You can use high heat if necessary for boiling, blanching or simply wanting to get your pan hot quickly just make sure you keep an eye on the pan and food so when it is hot, boiling etc you can reduce the heat.

Can you tell me if you've heard of the Saladmaster Company in Dallas TX that makes waterless cookware? If so, how is it different form your cookware? It looks exactly the same and is described the same. Theirs is called Saladmaster healthysolutions Ti titanium stainless steel.Thanks!BAB

Saladmaster is a brand of waterless cookware. They are very similar to us. Their biggest selling point that distinguishes them from some of the other waterless brands is the Ti 316 which is suppose to be a superior grade of stainless steel then the T304. T304 stainless has been considered a very strong non corrosive metal that will not react to bases or acids easily and has been used in the majority of the major waterless companies since the 60's. Our cookware is lifetime guaranteed and we have been in business since 1960. Let me know if you have any other questions about our cookware. We do have a preview program if you are further interested. Thank you for your interest. Suzanne

What is the difference between vented and not vented cookware - what are the pros and cons of each? Thanks

The vented pans have a hole in the lid with a valve that you turn open when first getting your pan hot. When the pan is hot and steam is escaping from this vent the vent will whistle. At this time you will need to turn your heat down to low and turn the vent to closed. The non vented pans have a solid stainless steel cover. It is less discrete as to when the pan is good and hot. You tell you need to turn the heat to low by the steam escaping from the side of the lid or the lid moving up and down. Once this occurs you turn it to low and the lid will create a vapor seal(water seal). I recommend the non vented lids to any experienced cook who can easily tell when a pan of food is hot and steamy and ready to turn down because there is no vent to close or accidentally leave open and you can always be assured you will get a vapor seal. The vented cover is best for new cooks who are just starting out and need extra assistance with gauging the temperature of the pan. Thank you for this great question!

In 1972 or 1973 my husband and I hosted a cookware party in our home. We purchased a set of waterless cookware with a warranty. I have a broken handle on a saucepan and a pitted spot in the dutch oven. Who do I contact about this? The cookware has served my family well.

Please send me more information about your name brand and I may be able to direct you to the proper company.

do you clean or replace a pot that was bought at a home party in 1968?

Please give me more information on your name brand and I may be able to direct you to the proper company.  Thanks.

will it harm the cookware to cook on high on a gas range

It should work OK however high heat for a longer period of time will overcook all of your food if not burn it.  Waterless cookware is designed to need less heat and it holds the heat very well so it cooks faster at a lower temperatures.  If your recipe calls for high heat you may want to set it to medium high and shorten the period of cooking time.  Never let your pan get dry with high heat this will damage the pan.

I have a set of Karilon Gourmet stainless cookware from the 70's. Can replacement handles, pans be purchased? Is the company still around?

I am sorry but I am not familiar at all with this name brand.

I bought a set of your cookware in 1992 while in Nursing School @ North Ga.Tech in Clarksville,Ga. Several years there was a fire and I lost it but was very pleased with it..Hope to buy another one in the near future..

Most waterless cookware companies will replace sets damaged by fire at a discounted rate.  Check with your company/brand and see if they will do this.

I need a new plug in for my Queen Anne waterless cookware skillet.

Try Regal Ware at www.regalware.com or by calling them at 262-626-2121

I have lost my 7quart roaster lid. Where can I order another lid for my 7 qt. roaster. I lost mine at a carryin. It is A saladmaster T304S.Thank you

Saladmaster is made by Regal Ware.  You can check with them at www.regalware.com or by calling them at 262-626-2121

I know that the aluminum is a layer and not touching the food, but can when the pan is heated the aluminum leak through into the food?

No.  The layer of steel is very resistant to corrosion.  The T304 composition is resistant to acids and bases and will not corrode or pit.  For the aluminum to leak or combine with your food it would have to get through a thick layer of steel and the only way this is possible is if it pits or corrodes.  Thank you for this questions.

My mother brought a set of the set of the saladmaster cookware back in 1970 and loves them, but the bottom of her 3quart sauce pan is now "pitting". Is there a guartantee on the pans?

You will have to contact Saladmaster for this.  They will be glad to help you at 1-817-633-3555.

i recently saw a demo for kitchen kraft, what are the differances from your product to theirs and also why such a price differance?

Both Kitchen craft and Vapo-Seal work using the same concept of low heat low moisture cooking.  Our cookware is made with T304 stainless on the inside and outside sidewalls with additional layers of carbon steel and aluminum in between the layers(7Ply).  Both Kitchen craft and Vapo-Seal have great even heat conduction and they both cook food fast and evenly.  The biggest price difference is in the sale itself.  Kitchen craft has a wonderful demonstration to show the value of the use but it cost a lot of money for the booths, shows, training and commissions.  We work with customers on the phone and by email.  Our cookware does come with a cookbook to explain the proper method of using it.  Thank you for this question-Suzanne

How long does it take for the steam to dissipate before the lid can be lifted?

The steam will remain in the pan for a long period of time after you take it off the burner.  I recommend you lift the lid shortly after you take it off the burner otherwise the lid can seal very tightly if left to cool for a long period of time.

Purchased my set in 1964. Are replacement handles and knobs still available?

It is possible I can help you find the right handles and knobs.  Please look on the outside of your pan for any information on the brand or type you have.

I just looked at a display of Royal Queen Waterless Cookware at a fair. Is this the same as the Vapo-Seal brand?

We are a different name brand.  There are many brands of waterless cookware but they are made very similarly.

CCan I cook multiple items at once?

Yes. Brown the meat first on medium heat and then add vegetables or other food. Heat until whistles and then turn the stove to low. Cut denser foods such as potatoes and carrots thinner then foods like cabbage or broccoli so they cook in the same amount of time. Thank you.

Can I cook a complete meal at one time with the vented cookware?

Yes. Brown the meat first on medium heat and then add vegetables or other food. Heat until whistles and then turn the stove to low. Cut denser foods such as potatoes and carrots thinner then foods like cabbage or broccoli so they cook in the same amount of time. Thank you.

I need replacement handles and knobs for a set of flavorseal/cory purchased in 1962/63. Where can find repacements/

We may be able to help. Can you send me a picture of your cookware to my email. suzanner@discoverwaterlesscooking.com.

I haven't seen anywhere on your website that explains or describes what the handles & knobs are made of and whether your cookware can be put in the oven or up to what oven temperature F. the handles/knobs can withstand. I sometimes like to finish a dish I'm cooking in the oven and want to make sure of what your product can do before making a purchase. Thanks for having a great website that explains your product so well.

Bake-resistant Handles and Knobs

The handles and knobs on all of our waterless cookware products are made of a special heat resistant material. They do not get hot to the touch when you are cooking on the stove, and are actually oven safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit  Thank you for your interest.

I purchased Quality Crafts Kitchen ensemble in 1969. The handle from the smallest saucepan has been cracked for a number of years and in finally broke off. I cannot find the manufacturer, the distributor (Society Products) or anything else concerning the product. Can you help me. I actually love the cookware. It has lasted through numerous replacement sets that my husband has purchased.

Unfortunately, this is not a brand I have ever heard of. I am sorry I can't help.

hi , i have a set of townecraft cookware i need a knob for one of the lids ,it has a number (321-19) on it ,the lid has a stud made to it . do you have one ? know where i can get one ? thanks ,jim

Replacements for Townecraft can be found at www.townecraft.com or by calling 1-800-977-7687.  Thank you

I own a set of Amway Queen Cookware. I need to replace the lid knob's on several pieces. Is that possible.

Check with Amway.  Here is a link to them   http://www.amway.com/Shop/Product/Category.aspx?dsnav=N:4294966501

Can this set be used on induction cooktop?

Yes.  The pans are constructed so they will work on an induction stove.


If someone gives you their used Vapo-Seal cookware of if one happened (unlikely) to be found at a yard sale is it still under lifetime warranty? One company who's products I bought new from them have a warranty that "if you even find one in a ditch broken we will fix it" Of course no one in their right mind would put their product in a ditch but it just goes to show how they back up their product. Thank you! I appreciate your commitment to your product and service.

We will fix or replace any Vapo-Seal brand cookware piece.  It does not have to be the original purchaser and can be any current owner as long as they do have our brand/trademark. Thank you for your questions.

Where can I get round filter sheets for the drip coffee pot? The stores arounnd here only have the pleated ones. I find that my Lifetime Coffee Pot makes better coffee than the K-Cups,with fresh ground coffee.

That's a good question.  I have never used the cookware for coffee. Are you looking for round disc ilke this?  MELITTA 3.5" FLAT DISC FILTERS 100CT 102015You can order these online at www.kitchenworksinc.com.

Purchased BergHoff stainless steel waterless cookware 15 years ago. Temperature gage on lids no longer work. Can they be replaced? Are they covered by life-time warrenty? Also can the large pots be used as Dutch ovens?

Sorry for the delay in answer. Check www.berghoffworldwide.com for information on replacements.

What is the difference between the Vapo Seal and the Flavor Seal?

The Flavor Seal is 5 ply throughout and each pan is about 1/2 QT smaller than the Vapo-Seal pans. They both are made with the same material types such as T304 surgical stainless steel. Thank you.

i have a set bought back in the late 70's.....do u do trade ins or do i just buy another set?

Due to high shipping cost we do not do trade ins.  I suggest you try to fix up your old set (replace worn out handles and knobs) and give it to someone who will use it.  If you need help finding your brand of cookware replacement handles please let me know.

I purchased a set of FoodMaster Stainless Waterless Pots in the mid to late 80's. My knobs and handles are very loose and will not stay tight. I think they are worn out. My pots do not have vapo seal. Is there anywhere that I can purchase new handles and knobs for them?

Can you give me any other information from your pans? Does it have any other names that may help me to identify this brand? This name I am not familiar with. Thank you, Suzanne

Is the Salad master cookware made in the USA???

Salad Master cookware is made in the USA. We are not Salad Master dealers and you would need to call them if you are interested in their products. Their number is 262-626-2121. Thank you.

We have a waterless electrical lg skillet that I purchased with Vita Craft waterless cookware set. I really liked this electric skillet, expecially for fried chicken. When using the skilled, I smelled the a burned smill, and the cord was ruined. Is this caused brom the electrical cord or the skillet itself. If it is the electrical cord, where can I get a replacement cord?

Vita Craft company can be found at www.vitacraft.com or you can call them at 800-359-3444.

We purchased a set of Cordon Bleu in the 70's. I have lost the vented seal. Is there anyway that I can find a replacement?

Vented knob replacements for Cordon Bleu can be found at www.regalware.com or you can call them at 262-626-2121.

I have loved my salad master cook ware since 1975. After all these years of cooking and washing the pots and pans I need new handles. The pots and pans are still in great condition but where can I get new handles?

Salad Master will be happy to help you with this. Here is their warranty contact:

Saladmaster Warranty and Replacement Service Center
1100 Schmidt Rd
West Bend, Wisconsin 53090


I need a slicer for the food slicer. How do I order just a slicer

It is best to get a slicer from the company that you original got the slicer from so it will be compatible. Do you know the name brand of the company you got this from.


Purchased a set of Permanent Cookware several years ago and I am looking for information as to where I can find replacement parts for my cookware.

Regal Ware has replacements parts for Permanent and also sale replacements for all of these other brands. You can call them at 262-626-2121 or find them on the internet at www.RegalWare.com

Ameramaid Elegance Lifetime Queen Anne
Aristo Craft Emdeko Magic Maid Rainbow
Camelot Flavorite Maxam Royal Queen Society
Cook-O-Matic Golden Line Miracle Maid Seal Rite
Cookbest Gracious Living NeoLife Plexcore Seal-O-Matic
Cordon Bleu HomeEc Odyssey Shir Life
Crown Regent Homemakers Guild Olde World
Del Glo Image Permanent Thermo Core
Dreamware Inkor Premiere 2100 Twin Star
Duncan Hines Karen Ware Presto Pride Wonder Ware

What is the difference between 7-ply and 7-element construction?

7Ply refers to the number of layers and 7 element refers to the number of elements that make up the plys i.e. chromium & nickel are 2 elements in stainless steel.

My waterless cookware is Queen Anne bought in the early seventies is coming apart at the bottoms. Layer bubbles and peels off. Where could I find Queen Anne warranty?

I am not sure who warrants this brand but I know that Regal Ware sales replacement parts for the Queen Anne. You can call them to see if they have more information at 262-626-2121. Thank you

I purchased a set of LIFETIME cookwear in 1969. The HANDLES have dulled and leave black residue on the drying towels. The set is in excellent condition but he handles need replacing. I checked LIFETIME online and was redirected to West Bend. The replacement handles are not the same. How will I determined which ones to order AND will most similar handles fit even if they are not exactly the same? I am looking to order a full set of LIFETIME replacement handles (19 pieces in total)

For replacement handles for Lifetime please contact Regal Ware at 262-626-2121

We just attended a demo by Salad Master and was very impressesed with the product except the price is extreme nearly $10,000 for there largest set and even the cheapest set was $1800.00. There product is made from 316T stainless(the salesman wrongly called titanium)how does the 304T compare? How nonstick are your pans and how easy do they clean. The Sald Master did clean very easy.

There is not a lot of difference between the T304 and Ti316 steel types and in fact Salad Master used T304 stainless for years. Our cookware is polished on the inside for extremely easy cleanup on the very smooth surface. Thank you for your interest.

I have a 60 yr. old set of Lustre Craft thatneeds a pot handle and lid knob attachment devises replaced.I understand these items have a lifetime wwarenty, How do I get them repaired?

Call Lustre Craft at 800-800-2850 or you can find them online at lustrecraftcookware.com

How do you keep it shiny?

Using a stainless steel cleaner will shine up the cookware like new. You can get BarKeepers Friend, which is what we use, at Wal-Mart, Food Lion, and Lowe's.

I have a set of the Townecraft waterless cookware and I have a lot of trouble getting the lids to seal. sometimes they do fine but most times they do not and then the food scorches because the small amount of water has gone out. this is really a problem with the largest pot.

I would say that you probably are using too high of heat. Try using a couple extra tablespoons of water and turn your heat down one setting lower.

Is this cookware non-stick? or at least easy to clean?

The cookware is made with a high quality T304 stainless steel that is very non porous and does clean easily usually with just soap and water. If you have stuck on grease or burnt food you can put some water in the pan and boil to help release stuck food. We also recommend BarKeepers Friend which is a great stainless steel cleaner for shining and cleaning the cookware. Thank you for your question.

I have a set of Lifetime Waterless Cookware purchase 7 yrs. ago at Boston Home Show. Can this cookware be used with an induction burner??? Thank you! Susanne Taylor Damon

You will need to check with Lifetime at www.lifetimecookware.com or call 262-626-2121

I am not sure what year I bought my cookware. the knob are vented and the round inside metal piece will not stay in the lids. I get burned from the steam that comes out of the knobs and need to purchase new knobs. can I buy different knobs that don't have those vents in them? my lids say WORLDS FINEST COOKWARE on the bottom of my pans it says Seven Ply 304 Surgical Steel #196 I really like pans and they still look new. I think they are aleast 20 years old.. I have the large set.

This is BNF's product and their number is 214-333-2111

Hi, is this "steam" cookware the same thing as pressure cooking. With pressure you also use minimal water & most often no oil.

Thank you for your question. The biggest difference between the waterless cooking and pressure cooking is the amount of heat used. Waterless cooking uses very low heat once the pan is thoroughly hot. Heat destroys a lot of flavor and pressure cooking you will notice the loss of flavor in the food from the high heat.

My mother passed away and I received her waterless cookware. I can't remember what year my parent purchased this set. They saw it at the Tulsa State Fair. I think it was about 47 yrs ago. I would like to add to this set because the electric skillet is not with this set any longer and the piece that has different parts to grate cheese, vegetables, etc. Also, I have the skillet that the egg poacher fits on but the cups for the egg poacher are missing. I would like to replace those. Lastly this set needs to be cleaned. Is there anyway to get the set back shiny like it use to be? I can't remember a lot about all of it I was so young. I believe it was in the mid to late 60's when they purchased this. I remember a gentleman coming to our home to illustrate the cookware to their friends also! Thank you for any help you might have!

I will be glad to help you with fixing up your mothers set. It would be best if you could first check on the bottom of the pans or side walls for any name brand information. This will help me get you the proper replacements.

Thank you

In 1966 we purchased a complete set of Cordon Bleu stainless cookware, including 2 fry pans, one with egg poacher, 3 kettles, 1-8inch, 1-6inch and 1-3inch and a Dutch oven. Over the years the handles have disintegrated. Are replacement parts available? And is there any warranty left on the cookware. The cookware was purchased under my wife's maiden name of Darla M Linde living in South Minneapolis Minnesota. We have used these items for the last 43 years and love them.Please let me know,ThanksCharles G. Smithcgsmith3@live.com

You can purchase replacement parts for Cordon Bleu at Regal Ware or www.regalware.com or calling 262-626-2121

In 1965-66 my wife purchased a complete 10 piece set of stainless cookware. After 43 years of use they need some attention. My wife's maiden name was Darla M. Linde. She lived in South Minneapolis Minnesota at the time. Is there any type of warranty on these items? Please let me know.Charles G. Smithcgsmith3@live.com425-967-5531 home206-718-6298 cellThanks

Can you send me any details on the name brand of these pans? Thanks

Do your handles fix inkor cookware ?

Our handles are not compatible with Inkor Cookware. Regal Ware should be able to assist you with this at 262-626-2121.

I want to purchase a set as a gift for someone - what is the return policy?

You have 30 days from the receipt date to return the products. We either send you a return label and we refund you the total purchase price less shipping cost or you send the products back and we refund your entire purchase price.

I love my VapoSeal pots and I am finely venturing out to cooking new recipes and feeling comfortable. I notice I am able to clean the inside of the pots very well but the outside and bottom I am not able to get clean with bar keepers friend. Overtime the dark brown/ black film is building up. I can't scrub the barkeeps hard enough to remove the stains. Do you have any suggestions.

What kind of stove do you have? I would say that if you have a lot of build up on the pan try using the liquid Bar Keepers Friend and let it set on there for a while before you start cleaning. Letting vinegar set and soak on the build up may also help.

Hi I was wondering how the Vapor Seal set compares to the Maxam 28pc 12-Element KT28 ? On the Vapor Seal is it heavier duty ? All SHINEY finish ? Is there titanium in it ? What metals are yours sets composed of , are they 304 surgical stainless ? Is the finish all smooth?no Sharp edges ? I figure if I spend $400 or little more I would get a better quality to these Waterless cook ware ,, I'm using Demeyere cook ware at the moment , I Dnt want to spend another $2,000 ? Thanks for you Reply ! DBLee

There are several differences between our cookware and the KT28. If you want to look at a comparable Maxam set to the Vapo-Seal it is best to look at the KT-17Ultra. Our set is 7PLY with bake a lite handles and has T304 surgical steel (polished) on the inside and outside and no sharp edges. Our sets are also guaranteed to last for your lifetime. Thank you for your question.

My rhubarb sauce boiled over and now I cannot remove the lid from the pot. What can I do? Thanks!

I apologize for the delay in answering this. I hope your lid is off now. You need to turn your heat on the stove to low and let the pan warm up to release the lid again. Thank you for your question.

Regards Westminster waterless cookware from 1970s etc. We also have a set, and did some prying to find replacement knobs/handles. These were made by West Bend as a private label. Contact their current owner, Regal Ware, at customerservice@regalware.com Warranty replacements will involve your shipping product to them but if accepted, they will replace/repair items free of charge and return to you for flat $11.00 shipping fee (per lot, not per item). You need to contact them before doing anything, and document your issues in the email. They will advise what you have to do and where you have to ship items.I managed to track down mfr via the patent number on the metal flame deflector on the pot handles. The handles also have a burnished part number on the end where they contact the pot. Some are hard to read, but one is enough to document.

Thank you for the information!

I have waterless cookware from 1978 looks great; however, can I put my fry pan in the oven or are the handles not oven safe

I would say you can put your fry pan in the oven but just in case you may want to check with the original manufacturer. If you have any information from the original company such as name brand I can help you contact them. Please email me at suzanner@discoverwaterlesscooking.com

In a VapoSeal cooking demonstration on utube, the lady is cooking chicken, broccoli, and potatoes in one pan and uses a metal spatula to turn some of the chicken. Does it matter what type of spatula I use? I don't want to scratch the pan. Normally, I use plastic spatulas for pans and metal spatulas for the BBQ. Thanks.

Metal spatula's are safe in the cookware as far as for your health however over time you may see some scratching inside the pan when held to the light. This scratching will not cause problems as far as metal leaching or cooking/sticking problems but can be seen. If you want your pans to stay scratch free it's best to use silicone utensils. Thank you for your question.

Queen Anne multi core surgical stainless steal pot has warped in the centre. Does not sit flat on stove. Wondering about the warranty and can it be replaced?

Please check with Regal Ware on the Queen Anne brand at 262-626-2121 or www.regalware.com

amway queen cook ware that I purchased in the early 70s had at the time a life time warenty. is this warranty still good and how do I get new knobs and handles.

Amway is still in business and I feel sure they have some way to take care of these handles and knobs.  Their phone number is 800-253-6500 or you can look at their website www.amway.com.

i'm concerned with getting alzheimers from aluminum pots. Your cookware sounds to good to be true. I need a new electric skillet (without teflon). how much do square electric skillets cost?

Thank you for your interest in our products.  We do not carry a square electric skillet but we do have a rectangle electric skillet for $139 at www.discoverwaterlesscooking.com/stainless-steel-skillets-and-griddles or an Oil Filled(the oil heats up instead of coils) Electric Skillet round for $229.


Flavorite 3ply stainless steel cookware, purchased about 1964, one lid knob needs replcing as well a handle for the large pan. Is it possible to purchase them in Edmonton Alberta

You will probably need to call Regal Ware to have them shipped to you.  Their number is 262-626-2121 or you can see if you can order these online at regalware.com

I am looking into the saladmaster stainless steel titanium cookware; how does this product compare to the Vapo-seal?Do this pots have the temperature control exhaust valves?

Thank you for your interest in the waterless cookware.  Saladmaster and Vapo-Seal both cook food very similarly.  They both cook with little water, low heat and little to no grease or oil.  There are a few differences in construction.  One is that Saladmaster is made with Ti316 stainless and Vapo-Seal is made with T304 Stainless steel which has a slightly lower content of chromium and nickel then the Ti316 steel.  We still guarantee the T304 for life and it is highly corrosion resistant to acids and basis.  T304 is considered surgical stainless steel which means it is a very clean sanitary metal again that does not react to acids and bases.  Another difference is that Saladmaster has a flutter valve on their lids that move up and down when the steam builds up in the pan letting you know when to turn the heat down to the lowest setting.  Our pans have solid stainless steel covers without this valve.  The same principle will happen with ours in that the lid itself will start to move up and down or spit steam out the side when it is time to turn the heat down to low.  We do send a cookbook with instructions on how to use the cookware also.  One other feature I think Saladmaster has is removable handles with a push of a button.  Our pans have handles and knobs that are oven safe like Saladmaster and they are attached with a screw on a weld on the side which does not go through to the inside of the pan.  They are easy to replace if need and are also guaranteed for life.  Thank you again and let us know if you have any other questions.

Can you repolish the finish on Queen Anne pans?

I would try using a stainless steel cleaner such as Bar Keepers Friend.

What are the differences between your cookware and the product line from Kitchen Craft in West Bend, WI?Jim Warner 480 220-6595

Thank you for your question. Similarities include the type of steel used in the construction of the pans, the heat resistant handles and the lids that fit the pans to cook waterless and greaseless. Differences include the Vitacraft has two handles one on each side of the pan on all of their pieces and the Vapo-Seal only has 2 handles on the larger pans. The Vitacraft handles may also be quickly removable for storing but I am not certain on this. Vapo-Seal's are removable for replacement with a screw driver. Vapo-Seal is made in China and with high quality T304 steel. Vitacraft is made in America also with high quality steel. That's all I can think of at this time. Thank you.

I have a set of Inkor cookware that I purchased around 1980. I love them, however, several of the handles need replacing. I was supposed to have a lifetime warranty on the cookware. Will this cover the handles and who do I need to contact?

I am pretty sure that Regal Ware has replacement handles for a minimal charge for Inkor. You can check with them at 262-626-2121 or Regalware.com

I got a Enduro Vapor seal at a yard sale. It looks very old. After all the reviews I really want to use it. I would like to know do they need a gasket or some kinda seal?

No. Waterless cookware seals with a thin layer of water that creates from the steam as the pans cook. The lid doesn't seal down tight unless you let it cool completely. I would recommend getting a waterless cookbook to tell you how to use it. The best on the market in my opinion is "Healthy Meat and Potatoes" by Charles Knight. Thank you for your questions.

I purchased my stainless water less cookware in 1973 and have love using it over the years. Recently the lid knob on the largest pot + fry pan broke off. How do I go about replacing it?

Please send me any information you may have on the brand and style of your waterless cookware and I will help you find compatible handles for your set.  Thank you, Suzanne

Can frying pans and pots go in the oven?

Yes.  The fry pans can go in the oven up to 350 degrees.  Thank you for your question.

My cookware is 37 years old and my electric skillet is beginning to constantly pop when cooking. It is a constant when the light comes on while cooking. How do I get it replaced now with the lifetime warranty?

Start by looking on your pan for any information on the product style, name, brand etc. and then I can try to direct you to the right company.  Thank you, Suzanne

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