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Cooking Questions

I am interested in buying the 17 piece set of cookware. Can I use this with an induction stove top/

Yes.  Our cookware is designed to work well on an induction range.  It conducts the heat quickly and spreads evenly throughout the pan.  Thank you for your interest in Vapo-Seal

When was your company started? Also, how do you clean the cookware? Thanks!

My dad started selling waterless cookware in 1960 and then developed Surgical Housewares in 1963.  For every day use soap and water works fine.  For harder stuck on grease or food use a stainless steel cleaner.  You apply the stainless steel cleaner on the surface (it works best if the surface is dry with liquid stainless steel cleaner and damp with powder stainless steel cleaner) Our cookware comes with a bottle of liquid stainless steel cleaner.  Thank you for your interest in Vapo-Seal.

can I get instructions on how to poach eggs with my cookware?

Sorry for the delayed response.  Place a small amount of butter or oil in each egg cup, set rack and cups on large skillet containing two cups of water.  Break an egg in each cup.  Put the flat cover on the pan and set heat on medium.  When vapor escapes, check eggs for desired firmness.  Approximate cooking time is 4 minutes.

Whats the differences with you and saladmaster aside from the price of course. bec i have returned my salad master order.and do you ship here in United Kingdom?how many days would it take?

Our set is very similar to Saladmaster.  It is constructed of similar materials, is heavy weight and has very fast and even heat distribution.  The price difference is in the marketing.  It is very expensive to market the Saladmaster.  I can ship to the UK however the shipping will cost an additional $100 charge as it cost us around $130 to ship and we pay the first $30.  Also please be aware that you may have to pay a value added tax once it arrives in the UK.  Thank you for your interest in Vapo-Seal.

How do I cook green beans with ham and new potatoes in my waterless cookwear

Sorry for the delayed answer. For green beans with ham and new potatoes. Rinse your potatoes and beans. Put a small amount of water in the pan covering the bottom by 1/8 of inch or just enough that you don't see any dry area. Put the green beans and potatoes in the pan with the ham mixed in. Turn stove on Medium heat and cook until steam starts to escape or the lid starts to bounce up and down or spits water out the side. Then turn the pan to low and finish cooking to desired doneness.

Which pan is used to do stove top baking and can it be bought separatelyand does a recipe come with it I'm interested in stove top baking.

The large skillet 11" can be used for stove top baking and also the Oil Core Skillet. Our sets come with a cookbook that would contain baking recipes on top of the stove. If you order one piece please call and request a free cookbook with your order. Thank you for your interest in Vapo-Seal.

I have burned applesauce in the 2 quart pan-How do I get the burn off the bottom? Jan

Fill the pan with three inches or so of water and turn the pan on medium low and let simmer with the lid on for a little while.  This should loosen the burnt debris.  Then use a flat edge spatula to scrape the burnt debris off and then was the pan.  If there is hard stuck on burnt spots try using a stainless steel cleaner or a copper scouring pad.

How do you clean food that is stuck on the bottom of pan,,,

If you have something really stuck put a couple cups of water in the pan and heat it to boiling.  Scrape the stuck food with a flat metal spatula.  To shine your cookware use bar keepers friend.

eggs pancakes all just burn when I fry them in the pan

Eggs will stick in the pan if you don't use a little oil or Pam spray.  Start your pan on medium. Be careful not to overheat the pan.  Add a little oil or Pam and then add your egg or pancake mix.  Leave the pan on medium and cook until desired doneness.  Some stoves may need a little less heat than medium and some stoves  may require a little more.

Thank you for your question.

All The cookware Are Waterless & Greaseless Cookware

Yes.  All the items that have lids are designed to be waterless and greaseless.

The first time the top stuck to the pot while cooking, I had to call for help to get it off. This time I was cooking applesauce, and now I can't get the top off the pot. What do I do short of throwing it all away?

Because this cookware is designed to have a water seal around the edge, if you let the pan get cold it will suction down on the pan.  If you want to be able to let the pan get cold on the stove then when you are finished cooking tilt the lid slightly to break the seal.  The best way to prevent the lid from sticking on the pan is to not let the pan get cold right after cooking.

I purchased by pots at a demo at a fair about 15 years ago. Someone used my pots several times and I caught them cooking on high now the bottoms of pots have this white coating on the bottom and have tried to clean it with soap and water but it didn't help what can I do to get the shine back in my pot

Try vinegar and baking soda or bar keepers friend stainless steel cleaner.  Those stains usually go away with time but they will probably come clean with a cleaner other than soap.

when using elec frypan how do you get the lid off to check meat

It is fine to check the food when it is cooking.  If the lid gets stuck to the pan turn the heat up a little to create moisture and release the lid.

Can I put the pans in the oven to bake a casserole.

You can up to 350 degrees.  Please note that the handles will ware quicker if used frequently in the oven. If you are looking for a stainless steel cassarole dish we have several that should work for what you are trying to do.

can u cook with water or oil in this cookware

Yes.  You can cook any recipe that you normally have made in this cookware.  Waterless and greaseless cooking is optional and the set comes with a cookbook to explain how to use it this way.  Thank you for your question.

I lost my recipes book can I order another one, I would like the recipe for the salad that they make at the shows

What brand of cookware do you have and what kind of salad recipe is this.  I want to be sure our cookbook has the correct salad recipe you are referring too.

Thank you

i cooked rice in one of my stainless steel pans tonight and when I was ready to serve I was unable to remove the lid because it had created a vacuum. Now two hours later it still will not come off. Can you tell me what to do?

Put the pan back on the stove at a low to medium setting.  Let the pan get warm.  Once the pan is warm inside it will release the lid.

How do I cook without water(example: green beans)

To cook green beans waterless you would rinse them off with cold water then drain the water off and place them in the pan with a small amount of moisture that clings to the vegetable in the pan.  Turn the stove on medium heat until the lid begins to move around or the whistle valve whistles then reduce to low for 20 minutes.

My Lifetime pans do not work with my GE Profile Induction Cooktop. I purchased and installed this cooktop in my new kitchen assuming that my complete set of Lifetime pans would work with it. My cooktop operates perfectly with other pans and I have had no other problems with the cooktop other than this. Can you assist me?Thank youSusan Grant

I think the newer Lifetime pans now work on the induction stove.  You can call them at 262-626-2121 or go online at www.lifetimecookware.com for more information on this.  Our brand does work with induction ranges also.

how do I unseal the lid from the pot after it cooled on the stove?

Heat the pan back up on medium low heat and the heat inside the pan while create steam which will release the lid.

The first time i used the fry pan to cook shredred hash browns(simply potato brand) they came out fine, the next two times i tried they stuck to the pan, i used the same amnount of oil each time, any suggestions

Make sure you are preheating at no higher than Medium.  Put your oil in the pan and then make sure you don't stir the potatoes.  It is best to just turn them over with your spatula a couple of times to avoid complete loss of all the lubrication of the oil.  Putting the lid on at the end for a few minutes can also help the potatoes from sticking.  I use fresh pototoes and cut them with the 5 cone Fresh Cut.  I also cook at medium to start but turn the pan down a little under medium after about 5 minutes of cooking.

how do you cook spegitti

You cook spaghetti as directed on the box. Any dehydrated foods will need to be cooked in the recommended amount of water.

hello. how to i use the vented lid with my cookware? in what situations do i vent or not? thanks for your time.

The vent is used to indicate when you need to turn the heat to low.  Start your pan of food on medium heat with the vent to the open position.  Leave on medium heat until the vent whistles.  When the vent whistles turn to low and close the vent to "closed".  Sorry for the delay in the answer to this question.

Can I use these on a gas stove?

Yes.  The stainless steel construction works nicely on a gas stove.  If you have any discoloration from the direct fire you usually can clean them easily with bar keepers friend or other stainless steel cleaner.

Can I cook frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts in the electric skillet or pan?

Yes.  You can cook frozen breasts using medium and low heat.  If you need more instruction on this let me know.  Suzanne

i would like to know how to cook chuck roast and veggies--waterless--

Start by preheating your 7Qt stockpot on medium heat.  When the pan is hot and droplets of water bead up on the bottom put your meat in to sear/brown.  Brown all side putting the lid on between turning the meat.  Once the meat is brown add your vegetables putting the hardest vegetables such as carrots in first.  Keep the pan at medium to medium low with the lid on until it is thoroughly heated then reduce the heat to low.  A roast can take anywhere from 40 minutes to 1 hour and 40 minutes depending on the size of the roast.

Where can I get an instruction book and cook book for the oil core skillet electric

There are many waterless cooking cookbooks.  One of the best is Healthy Meat and Potatoes by Charles Knight which has some delicious recipes.

i inhereted my miracle maid set and i dont know how to cook with it. where can i get a cookbook and instructions. i want to cook cabbage but dont know how.

Cut up the cabbage and put it in the pan.  Rinse the cabbage off in the pan and drain.  Place on the stove on medium heat until the pan is hot and steam is built up in the pan.  Turn the pan to low for 7 -10 and check for doneness.   Thank you for your questions.

are the handles on the large cooking pots oven safe (purchased in the 1960's)?

It would be best to check with the original company the cookware was purchased from.  Do you have any information on the brand of cookware you have?

Can I pop Gourmet popcorn in my cookware?

Yes.  Popcorn is great in these pans.  Just make sure you use medium to medium high heat to start and then low once it starts popping.  Also, shake the pan back in forth while popping and don't lift the lid until it is stopped however you can tip the lid to let steam out at the end of the popping.  Thanks!

Are the handles on the large SALADMASTER cooking pots oven safe?

Yes.  I would say up to 350 degrees.  But to be sure please check with Saladmaster at www.saladmaster.com or 262-626-2121

I have the 5 qt liquid core electric pot. How do I use it. I have no instruction book or recipes for this cooker.

The liquid core skillets can be used waterless and greaseless. If you don't have a cookbook I would recommend Healthy Meat and Potatoes by Charles Knight which can be purchased on Amazon.com.
Thank you

is this cookware designed for electric flat top stoves?

Yes.  It works very well on the surface of a flat top stove.  Thank you for your question.  Suzanne

I have yet to get a response on my question on how to use the egg tray to cook eggs. Also, what is the cooking time for frozen chicken or meat in gereral. I know you want to sell the cook book but theses are basic questions with no answers in the little book. Also I washed my pan with vinegar and soapy water and it still discolored. Please let me know the answers to the above please.

Sorry for the delay. The egg rack and cups is used in the 11" skillet. Fill the 11" skillet 1/2 way to the top with water and place the rack and cups on the the skillet with the lid off. Let the water come to a boil. Add eggs one in each cup. Cover and reduce the temperature to your lowest heat setting on the stove. Cook for about 8 - 10 minutes or shorter for over easy eggs. Meat timing depends on the amount of meat or weight and thickness. A frozen boneless chicken breast should be started at a medium temperature until the chicken and entire pan is hot or too hot to touch the lid and then reduce the temperature to low. medium size breasts should take around 15-20 minutes as long as you got the pan thoroughly hot to begin with. As far as any discoloration use the pan a few more times as this can be normal for the first few uses. If you continue to see discoloration was the pan and apply a little barkeepers friend to the pan to clean. Thank you for your question.

i have tried baking a cake ontop of the stove top using the skillet as my pan. preheat the pan both times over low heat and followed the recommend times on the cake box, both times the bottom was burnt, do i need to put down parchment paper or what.

Sorry for the delay. You shouldn't need to put parchment paper down. I would recommend using less liquid and oil in the mix. We always add the amount of water except we use juice(from the pineapple) in place of water and no oil. We use oil in the bottom of the pan to keep the cake from sticking. Put the oil in the pan first then put the lid on the pan and turn the stove to medium while you are mixing your cake up. Open the lid and pour the mixture in and let cook for a few more minutes then turn to the lowest setting on the stove for at least what the recipe calls for. If it is burning the bottom then turn the stove completely off 2/3 through the time it should be done. Hope this help. Thank you for your questions.

can I cook biscuits on top of the stove with a lid over the skillet

I would try it. Get the pan hot on medium heat with some butter or oil and the lid on. Put your mixture in the pan and leave on medium for 8 minutes or so and then turn to the lowest setting on your stove for 20-30 minutes. You can check for doneness but don't lift the lid to often as the heat will escape each time and slow down the cooking process.

I inherited my moms aircore cookware . but I didn't have a recipes book to coo k with do you have any recipes or book i can get.

You can find lots of recipes online. Healthcraft company has some really good recipes at www.healthcraft1.com SaladMaster company also has some good recipes at www.recipes.saladmaster.com

Kitchen Craft, Lustre Craft, and WestBend make an electric gourmet cooker base that their 2 qt and 4 qt pot sits in instead of the pot being part of the heater. See it at http://kitchencraftcookware.com/shop-now.html?page=shop.browse&category_id=6&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=53It's pricey at $189 but will any of the vapo-seal pots/pans fit into this heating receptacle???berry@detailshere.com

It looks like all of the saucepans in the set would fit as well as the 8" skillet. Our 12" Oil Core electric skillet can be used with the same concept of slower cooking by setting a pan down in the skillet and using it as a base. In any case, using low heat on top of the stove is the best for waterless cooking starting at a medium heat and then turning to low once the pan is hot. Thank you for your question.

How do you cook with the steamer insert

Most of time you will not need to steam your vegetables since the cookware is waterless and the vegetables steam in their own juice however sometimes you will want to use the steamer for food such as steamed shrimp, straining spaghetti, or other recipes that call for a hot steam.

how do you clean this cookware?

The cookware is easy to clean with hot water and soap and should be washed before the first use. If something gets burned or stuck to the pan use a stainless steel cleaner. We send a sample of stainless steel cleaner with all of our sets. Thank you for your question.

can you fry in the pan on stove top like frying chicken? If so, do you use oil like you would in a non stick pan?

You can fry in our pans on top of the stove easily. Get the pan hot on medium, season the meat, brown each side of the meat and then cover and turn the heat to low. Most meats including chicken, beef or pork do not require grease or oil. Eggs and fish do need a little oil or non stick spray. If you want to bread your chicken and then fry you do need to use some oil with our cookware but it works very well this way to. Thank you for your question.

Say, I'm making tacos. I always start out by crumbling meat in a fry pan, breaking it up with spatula or spoon during the cooking process. How do I accomplish this with my new Vapo Seal fry pan? Will it stick if I start stirring meat right away like I would do with a teflon lined pan? I feel a little silly asking you how to cook ground, crumbled beef, but I'm bran new to the way stainless steal cooks.

This is a great question, especially when you are use to or comparing to Teflon type pans. Ground beef or any red meat contains enough natural juice and fat to fry and stir as you suggested in the question on a low medium to medium temperature however, eggs and fish will tend to stick due to the consistency of the food and will require some grease/oil or oil spray. Thank you for your question!

I am shopping for a waterless cookware set and came across your company. Please let me know if I can purchase your product at a retailer? Also, does your product have the 316Ti like SaladMaster? I would like to also know if your product has the whistle or noise maker on the lids for notification of cooking time?

Thank you for your interest in our products. We have the cookware in a few Amish country stores scattered around but we are not in any large well know retailers. Our cookware is made with a T304 stainless which is similar to the Ti316 stainless but the composition has a little lower amount of chromium and nickel. Most of the companies have used T304 stainless for 50 plus years and it is very durable and guaranteed to last a lifetime. We do have a vented set that has a whistle valve in the knob or you can get a solid stainless steel lid which will move around when the steam escapes indicating you need to turn your heat to the lowest setting. Thank you for the question.

Can You bake a pumpkin pie in the oil core electric skillet or top of the stove using Your waterless cookware?If You can how do you bake it also We're thinking about getting the Nuwave2 induction cooktop do You think Your cookware will work good on it? Thank You Matt Kelley.

Thank you for the great question.  I know you could bake pumpkin pie without crust on the bottom but you may need to adjust your ingredients slightly.  I would start with a regular recipe for the filling.  Grease the pan well(with butter or crisco) and cover to preheat on medium heat.  When the pan is hot add your mixture, cover the pan and leave on medium for 5 minutes then turn to the lowest setting and let simmer for 30 minutes then I would set the lid slightly off the pan to release excess moisture and cook until done.  If it seems to take for ever to cook you may want to decrease the milk and oil amounts slightly.  Our cookware does work well on an induction range and any recipe that you do in the oil core skillet can also be done in the 11" skillet on top of the stove.


Barkeepers Friend which can be purchased at Wal-Mart and Food Lion works great on stainless. Follow the directions on the package for best results.

Is the vapo seal product we buy at amazon or online, are they genuine? I am concerned about where was manufactured. Can u tell me more about it.

Vapo-Seal is a trademark for our company for our waterless cookware sets and pieces. The pans are made of high quality materials guaranteed to last a lifetime and work waterless and greaseless. If you are looking around the main things to look for our T304 stainless steel on your cooking surface especially, high heat resistant handles and a good heat conduction core. The other thing that is especially important is good reputation for customer service. As far as where the products are made many of the brands and sets are made in China including our cookware. With that said we have found that our cookware holds up to the quality of the American made brands. Thank you.

I want to hard boil some eggs. Is there anything different in these pans?

Sorry for the delay on answering. You would boil eggs the same as in any other pan except I do notice I need to use a little lower heat setting on the stove once the water is boiling. So adjust your stove after the eggs start boiling. Thank you for your question.

I bought your electric skillet at a show in Florida about twenty years ago and have never used it. I would like to start using it now is there anything I need to do first to prepare the skillet before using it for the first time.

Just wash it with hot water and dish soap to make sure you get any buffing residue off before using.  Thank you for your question.

How do I use my oval roaster to cook a turkey? Is this done in the oven or on top of the stove?

Thank you for your question and sorry for the delay.  You can use the roaster on top of the stove or in the oven.  On top of the stove set your temperature to medium until the pan is too hot to hold your hand on the top of the roaster and then shut the temperature down to low.  In the oven use as directed by the packaging of the turkey.


I was thinking about ordering a set of VapoSeal cookware for my daughter-in-law. She sautes a lot of fish (more delicate than chicken). Does VapoSeal work well with fish? By the way, I have a set of VapoSeal cookware for myself. It did take a bit of changing my cooking methods, but I love the even browning, and cooking veggies (including corn on the cob) without water. And it's easy to clean even when food gets stuck, a little soak in water, a little touch of Bartender's friend, and it sparkles like new.

Thank you for your question and comments.  Fish is good sauteed in the skillet however you do need to add some oil when cooking fish.  I also like to cook fish and sometimes I coat the fish with crushed crackers seasoned and then use coconut oil to fry the fish.  If I marinate the fish then I use a good dose of Pam cooking spray to saute and you can also add shredded vegetables for flavor.

I used my Vapo Seal cookware for the first time tonight. I tried waterless cooking on chicken breasts. The pan turned brown wherever the food was not touching. Will a stainless steel cleaner remove this? Why the discoloration?

Barkeepers Friend should clean it off.  Put a few drops of water in the pan where it needs cleaned and then sprinkle the powder on the water and use a dry paper towel so it is somewhat abrasive and apply pressure to whip out the brown part.  It probably discolored from the moisture from the chicken mixed with the heat.  You may want to turn your heat down slightly when browning.  Let me know if this doesn't help.  Thank you.  Suzanne

I am from the Philippines I want to order your product, tell me how and also the shipping req.

Thank you for your interest in our products.  We can ship cookware to you in the Philippines but you will need to email me your address and I can give you a quote on shipping charges and possible excise taxes for your country.  If you have further interest please email me at suzanner@discoverwaterlesscooking.com

My 47 year old pans do not seem flat enough for my new flat top Kenmore cook top . Can any thing be done ? I had electric ciol type knmore before and ready liked the pans all these years. One lid handle came off, other wise good

The pans shouldn't be warped.  Do you have a name brand for these.  I can try to direct to the proper company for information on this.  Thank you.

How does the demonstrator cook chicken breast at the shows in the Kitchen Craft electric skillet? I have forgotten and it was the BEST!Nell

I have not seen a Kitchen Craft cooking demonstration but I have cooked a lot of chicken in the Oil Core Skillet and also the skillet on top of the stove.  My favorite is to use bone in breasts with all skin removed and sprinkled with garlic salt and paprika.  I preheat the skillet on medium heat and then put the chicken in and brown all sides.  After that I put the lid on and cook it on low for 30 minutes or so until I am ready to eat.  It comes out juicy and delicious.  I know that some of the shows use frozen boneless skinless breasts, preheat the skillet, brown the sides and then turn to low for finished cooking.  I prefer fresh meat as it is not injected with other solutions and I think it tastes better.  I hope this helps a little.  Thank you for your question.

I have Lindy's surgical steel pans and the first time I used them my boiled potatoes started to burn my fresh green bens scorched and I added a little water with both. I just purchased them and there were no cooking instructions. They are NEW. Can some one PLEASE give this beginner some help or tell me where to look for these instructions? Thank You Pat

Sorry for the dela in answering this question. I can send you written instructions. Please send me your address.
Thank you,

Do you leave the vapor seal open or closed when doing a casserole in the liquid core skillet?

Sorry for the delay. I would close the seal during the cooking and then if you want to release some moisture tilt the lid part way off for 15 minutes or so at the end. Thank you for your question.

How do you cook by stacking the pans?

To stack cook a meal first take the large dutch oven or large skillet and dome cover and prepare your meat or dish as you normally would. Then start a second pan on medium heat on a separate burner and once it is hot set it on top of the dutch oven or skillet whichever you are using to finish cooking. There is enough heat transfer through the dome lid to create a low heat setting like on a stove burner. For a better example of this see the overview video on the video page https://www.discoverwaterlesscooking.com/videos#overview

Can I use scrawling powder like comet? I'm really excited to have the skillet and don't have any information about cooking or cleaning this product. It's been 30 years ago since I was at a demonstration. I'd love to see what is new. Do you still have party demo? I LOVE TO GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HAVING A SHOW. KAREN OWEN 567 249 8350


Thank you for your question. It is best to use Barkeepers Friend or another cleaner specifically for stainless steel. Our cookware comes with instructions on cooking waterless and greaseless and most of the brands and cookware haven't changed a whole lot from 30 years ago. The only thing different is an improved heat conduction core to get quicker more even heating than the older sets. Thanks you again, Suzanne

what is the best way to cook oatmeal

The best way to cook oatmeal is by following the instructions on the box using the same amount of water to oatmeal.  You will usually boil the water first on high and then add the oats and reduce to the very lowest setting and cover.  It may take a little less time than other pans and you definitely want to reduce the heat to the lowest on the stove or turn it completely off for the simmering part.  Thank you, Suzanne

I want to make bone soup with vinegar. Would vinegar reacts with the surgical stainless steel ?

This is fine.  Vinegar will not react to the surgical stainless steel.  Thank you for your question.

How long do I cook my whole chicken in my vapo seal pan on top of stove?

It depends on the size of the chicken.  We suggest going by the suggested time per lb on the package for large meats like this.  The pan will work just like the stove and may cook a little quicker than the suggested time since the heat is confined to a smaller space.  Thank you for your question, Suzanne

May I have your demo dinner recipe?

We do several things dinners on the demo.  The chicken recipe calls for chicken breasts bone in or boneless and take the skin off.  Pre-heat the pan on medium for a few minutes and add the chicken.  Brown the sides of the chicken on medium then once the sides are brown turn the pan to low and add what ever vegetables you would like to cook with it.  Cut harder vegetables such as carrots smaller then say broccoli which will cook quicker.  Cover the pan with the lid and leave on medium for a couple of minutes then set the temperature to low.  Cook until meat and vegetables are thoroughly cooked.  Thank you for your question, Suzanne

Is the 7 Ply construction on the sides of the cookware too, or just on the encapsulated bottom?

The cookware has a 7 Ply bottom and a 3 ply sidewall.  Thank for your question, Suzanne

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