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  1. Delores

    We absolutely love our new waterless cookware. Using our oven. much less than ever. Never use our burners on anything higher than medium, then turn to low. Absolutely amazing how good this cookware is. Only regret that I have is, I wished I had purchased this years ago.

  2. Jo Ann Ralph

    I can’t tell you how great Vapo Seal works and what is even better is the price. I recently went to a Home Expo and found out the competitor was selling the waterless cookware for three times the price. I ENEDED UP CANCELLING and I glad I did. I found out on line Vapo Seal can offer the waterless product for fraction of the cost and I ordered the 17 peice set and the griddle,electric frying pan and dome stock pot.

    I just love it and my next purchase will be the bakeware set.

    Thank you Vaposeal.

  3. Darlene Ritchie

    I love the cookware, though I haven’t yet mastered the waterless cooking, but I am enjoying cooking in it the regular way.

  4. Teresa Smith

    While doing a lot of research on Waterless Cookware, I found VAPO-SEAL Cookware. I was so surprised with the low price compared to all the others, that I honestly had my doubts about this cookware After days of research, I made up my mind to try VAPO-SEAL Cookware. When I got them out of the box they were beautiful! I needed a good quality set of cookware because my husband is a chef, and I cook too.We are very happy and satisfied. We strongly recommend them. They are superior quality. I love the fact that they are so easy to clean. The key to cooking with this cookware is med to low heat, and it also helps you save energy. If you are like me, it’s important to do business with a reliable company. VAPO-SEAL WATERLESS COOKWARE is that company! THANK YOU VAPO-SEAL!

  5. Kristin

    I was registered for a mishmash of teflon and expensive stainless steel cookware when my mother-in-law told me that I should unregister for that stuff and she’d buy me some good cookware as a shower present. She bought me this surgical stainless steel “waterless” cookware set. These pots and pans really are amazing! It took a bit of time to learn to cook on them but they really are the best pots and pans in the world. And she paid A LOT less than you would have paid for a comparable set at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

    Originally posted at on 4/7/11

  6. Becky K.

    Better Than Expected

    Please see post at – originally posted 9/21/11

  7. Natalie

    The Vapo-Seal link has the sets of cookware that we like because of the quality of their steel. This cookware helps you keep your nutritional value of the foods you prepare by letting you prepare your foods without using water or oils! It also has a whistle at the top the goes off when the pots have reached the correct temperature. This cookware can also be stacked up on top of each other so that you can have several meals done at one time! Listed below are the items we think are best suited for our healthy and long lives together!

    Vapo-Seal 7PLY 17 Piece VENTED Waterless Cookware Set
    Chef’s Secret 9-Piece Bakeware Set
    Large Surgical Stainless Steel Cassarole Dish

    Originally posted at on 9/10/2011

  8. Waterless Cookware Reviews

    Please see review at – originally posted on 10/7/2008

  9. Ann from KY

    My daughter just got married last december and so we just went through the stainless steel pans purchase. I just wanted to share what she got because they were SO NICE! She bought some waterless cookware called Vapo Seal, stainless, very nice heavy weight!! Here is the link to it: I think I talked to Andy. I just had a real honest conversation with him, and the prices ended up being less than the webpage. My daughter bought the entire set. she is really happy with it. My hubby bought me the 12 quart stock pot and it is WONDERFUL!! I hope at some point to purchase more of it. I was so pleased with the quality of service, the product and the sales guy, Andy.
    for my skillets, I threw out the teflon ones and I just use some Lodge cast iron skillets that I try to keep seasoned up nice. Just some thoughts and my experience, ann from KY

    Originally posted at on 4/23/09

  10. sriddleberger

    Hello Suzanne,
    I just wanted to tell you how happy both of us are with the new Vapo-Seal cookware set and vegetable cutter. It’s just as heavy as the set they showed at the local fair, of a quality to be proud of, and costs way less. My wife and I caught on fast using them with the vented set whistle (which sounds kind of cute!), they cook food faster than our old set, and stay warm long afterwards too. Thanks for your prompt answers to my questions, and the quick shipping. I won’t be afraid to order more bakeware or pieces. God Bless you all. Sherman W.

  11. sriddleberger

    Suzanne, I received my shipment this morning, and I have already used my
    > new saucepan. It is totally awsome. I purchased stainless steel
    > cookware 40 years ago and totally burned up my favorite saucepan this week
    > (put hummingbird nectar on to cook, totally forgot about it. Now my
    > entire house smells like burnt sugar. The pot was so damaged, I couldn’t
    > even get the lid off!) I can’t afford to buy an entire new set of cookware
    > at this time, but if I ever do need to replace mine it will certainly be
    > with your wonderful product!
    Also, I should mention that the order was processed more
    quickly than I had anticipated. It was a pleasure to do business with you.

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