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Product Specification Questions

How are the handels attached to the cookware?

The handles screw onto a weld on the outside of the pan with a square ring attachment/flameguard so they don't get hot.  The knobs also screw onto the top and are easily replaced if necessary.

Years ago I bought a set of "wonder Ware"- waterless cook ware, is this the same?

Vapo Seal is very similar to Wonder Ware. Thank you for your interest in Vapo Seal.

Can you tell me how your product compares to the old Vollrath line? I had an old Vollrath set that purchased in 1969 that I've had to dicard because the pan botton began heating unevenly and burning after 40 years of daily use. And although the ROI is no longer there for me, I can't function without a goodset of waterless cookware. I also need to be sure that the lids have vent control. Thanks for your help.

Vapo-Seal is very similar to Vollrath.  The Vapo-Seal will be a little heavier and you should find that it has much more even heating than your old set.  Over the years the cookware has been improved for fast even heat conduction with the 7PLY construction.  It cooks waterless and the vented set has a release valve.  If you are interest in buying or seeing our product please call us at 888-544-2390.  Thank you for your interest in Vapo-Seal cookware.

Can I purchase just the dutch oven? Mine disappeared. Can't cook without it.

I do have one in stock.  If you are interested in purchasing this pan it is $89 including shipping and you can get it with a dome lid or flat lid.  Thank you for your interest in our products.


I have a waterless stainless steel cookware set. I hace had it about 15 years. The lids have had the steam value in the middle of the lid have all come off. I'm still using the pans and placing a towel over the circle in the middle. This makes it very hard to take the lid off with out the handle and i'm not able to control the steam level. Can my lids be replaced? How much is each size? Thanks, Melinda Bender

The best thing to do is start by checking the name brand of your set.  Usually there is some print under the handle or on the bottom of the pan.  Then check for this company.  It doesn't sound like you need a lid replaced only the knob on top.  Most company's have knob and handle replacement for shipping and handling charge.


I have a large set of "Lifetime" Cookware. That is the name on the cookware. It was sold by individuals who gave dinner parties with food cooked in the cookware. It was purchased about 40 years ago. I cannot use it at all now because I now have a glass-top stove; and the cookware has an indented base with a raised ring around the perimiter so does not completely contact the burner. (It takes at least twice as long to boil water in it.)I received a replacement skillet about 20 years ago and it does have a flat bottom. Is there any way I could trade my other pans for flat bottom ones? (They are in excellent shape; still have the mirror finish on the outside, because I never used the Lifetime cleaner). If not, what good is a lifetime guarantee? I am 74 years old and will never be buying another stove. What do you suggest?

Please contact Regal Ware at 262-626-2121.  Thanks

I need a replacement cover for my 12 inch skillet. My husband set it on a hot burner and ruined the cover. The pan is useless without a cover. I am willing to pay for a new lid It was bought in november 2010 The cover is silver and the knob is black. I love that pan and used all the time. Please can you help me. order number was 2801 receipt ID 1768-7928-6529-9228

To replace the cover the cost would be $35 including your shipping.  Is it possible to get the black knob off?  This is replaceable at no charge.

I did not see a direct answer to the difference between salad master and vapo seal. except for the pricing. what are the differences between vapo seal and salad masters?

Both Saladmaster and Vapo-Seal are made to work with little moisture or water and no grease. They are both heavy weight construction stainless steel with additional layering of alloys, and elements such as aluminum which do not touch your food but are great heat conductors. The two products are not constructed identically however they work with the same concept of cooking and are both guaranteed for life.

Can this cookware used with induction heating elements?

Yes. All or our products are compatible with an induction range.

Hello I'm looking into buying your set. I have a question about cooking eggs in your skillet. Do you still not add oil or butter and how does it not stick with cooking a fried or scrambled eggs.

For eggs and fish it is necessary to use spray Pam or other oil/butter. All other meats can be cooked with out fat. Eggs stick the least when you don't stir your scrambled eggs as often letting them set up or cook and then turning once or twice. Hard cooked or soft cook eggs won't stick as long as you have a little lubricant (oil/butter/Pam) on the bottom. Thank you for your interest.

I'm looking into buying your cookware set. I want to make sure it will work will on on glass top stove.

It does work well on a glass top stove. The pans set flat and level. Thank you for your interest.

How does this cookware compare to Americraft Cookware which makes Kitchen Craft and Healthy Gourmet Stainless sets?

Our cookware is very similar to the Americraft brands. It is made with T304 stainless steel on the inside and out has a 7ply construction for fast even heating. Our cookware has a sealing cover that allows you to cook with little to no added moisture like the Americraft brands. We also have a lifetime guarantee and a money back guarantee. Thank you for your interest in Vapo-Seal.

I have Lustre Craft set of pots and pans purchased in 1971...they are still great and I have never regreted purchasing them..I am now in need of some replacement handles and am not sure if your will fit. How can I find out? Thankyou for your assistance.

Lustre Craft was made by the West Bend company and replacements can be found at www.regalware.com. Lustre Craft isn't listed but the Lifetime brand handle will work for your cookware.

I bought a complete set of waterless cookware around 1970. The handles are loose and my small pot does not have a lid. Could I contact someone and have them refurbish my set completely.

It is likely that the company you bought it from is still making the name brand.  Please let me know what brand is on your cookware and I will be glad to help you further.

Hey there, could you please let me know what the diameter of your 24 Qt stock pot is as well as your 16 Qt Stock pot.Thanks!

The 24Qt is about 12.5 inches in diameter and 13 inches high and the 16QT is about 12 inches in diameter and 10 inches high.

I have had my vita craft waterless cookware since 1977 and two of my sauce pans have broken handles. My set came with a life time warrenty. Does that cover the handles? I love these pans.

You can get replacements from them at www.vitacraft.com or by calling 1-800-359-3444

Where are your products manufactured and where are the materials imported from? Thanks!

Our products are manufactured in China and the surgical stainless steel is imported for Korea. Thank you for your interest in Vapo-Seal cookware.

I purchased kitchen craft cookward 40 years ago. How does this cookware differ from kitchen craft?

Our cookware is very similar to Kitchen Craft.  It is made for very even efficient heat conduction with high quality stainless steel on the inside and out and additional layers of aluminum, and carbon steel for fast even heat conduction.  It has a lid designed to create a water seal  so you don't need added water when cooking most vegetables and cooks on a lower heat setting than most types of cookware.  Thank you for your interest in Vapo-Seal.

I'm looking into buying your cookware set, How does this cookware set differ from AMC cook ware?

After I researched a little about the AMC cookware it appears to be the a very similar product. Our cookware is made of surgical stainless T304 grade steel. It is lifetime guaranteed, uses less heat, and is the last set of cookware you will ever need to buy.

I have a 6 qt. 3ply Lustre Craft 18-8 pot---purchased around 1965 (?) and the center of the pot has warped. I have a "smooth" burner top stove, so the pot whirls around on a 2-3" base. The food also burns right there in the middle. I love my soup pot but what can be done to flatten it out again?? The handle of the 6" kettle broke off years ago; however, it works perfectly from stove to table. I just grab the "stub" carefully!

Lustre Craft is no longer made but the handles and knobs are interchangable with Lifetime products. You can find more about Lifetime cookware at www.lifetimecookware.com.

My cookware set I purchased about 40 years ago is still as wonderful as the day I purchased it. The pots are listed as Kitchen Craft Multicore 5 ply stainless steel. Is this the original company and product that I have in my possession?

We are a different company.  You can find Kitchen craft at www.kitchencraftcookware.com or call them at 800-800-2850.

When I was 19 years old I purchased a Homemakers Guild set of waterless cookware. I got married at 22 and have been using this set ever since. I'm 66 years old. But, someone stole my electric skillet at a potluck and one of my small skillets is missing a handle. I have tried everywhere on the internet to find out how I can replace these parts. Do you own Homemakers Guild. I tried Regal but they don't mention Homemakers Guild. Can you help?

Homemakers Guild was a West Bend product which was bought out by Regal Ware.  If you go to www.regalware.com and go the the right side of the page "customer service" and "order parts online" there are a few parts that can be purchased for Homemakers Guild.  You can also try calling them at 262-626-2121

This is not a question, but a comment. I have been in sales for 50 years. I currently sell Kitchen Craft waterless cookware. I just want to say ...It is nice to see another company that believes in NOT BASHING the competition. After reading many of your posts what I see here is refreshing. I will not be purchasing your product ...for obvious reasons...but I like what I read.

Please fill in an answer

What Set Do I Need To Feed 8 To 10 Peoples.

Probably the 17PC with the 12QT although the 17PC should work fine too.  Thank you for your interest.

I am interested in purchasing a waterless cookware, I wanted to know whether your cookware is dishwasher safe? both pots and lids, whether vented or not? also does world's finest cookware have the same construction as does vapo-seal?

The cookware pieces and lids are dishwasher safe.  Our cookware is similar to the World's Finest Ultra set which is 7Ply construction with T304 inside and out.  Thank you for your interest in our products.

I have a 30 plus set of Permanent waterless cookware. Are your handles interchangeable with this brand. If not who can I contact for these handles I need two of them thank you so much!

It would be best to get these from the proper company to assure correct fit.  Permanent is now owned by Regal Ware.  You can visit them at www.regalware.com or call them at 262-626-2121.  Thank you

Where are these pots made? Please say US.

The cookware we sell online is made in China.  If you only want American made we have a set made in Clarksville TN.  It has pretty much the same pieces as the Vapo-Seal, it is 5PLY rather than 7PLY and is $150 difference in price.  It's a great set! If you are interested in this cookware please let us know and thank you for your interest.

What is the name of the line you make in TN? How do we purchase it?

We have a 5 Ply set called Flavor Seal that is made by New Era.  The price for the set is $479.  Thank you for your interest in our products.

What is the difference between vented and nonvented?

The vented set is for newer cooks to help them know when the food in the pan is hot enough to turn back to low.  With waterless cooking you usually start your burner on Medium to Medium High heat and then once the pan is hot you turn the burner to low.  The vent whistles to let you know that steam has built up to a point where it is time to turn the heat back.  With the non vented set you wait for steam to escape from the sides of the cover and then turn your heat to low.  The benefit of the non vented set is that the solid cover assures you will keep all of your heat in once it is at low.  With the vented covers you need to remember to turn the vent off once you turn the heat down or you will continue to lose heat and moisture.  Thank you for your question!

I inherited my Salad Master Cookware. I can hear water sloshing around in the fry pan. How would water get inside the cookware. Is it dangerous to use? Water and electricity aren't a good mix.Thank you.Sharon SteffenOlathe, Ks

I would definitely call customer service on this.  Their number is 262-626-2121 which is Regal Ware.  I am sure they will be happy to help you with this.

please tell me in detail why I should buy your product instead of americraft, I am going to purchase new cookware and saw a demo on their product.

Americraft is a great set of surgical stainless steel waterless cookware but it is very expensive for what you are actually getting.  Our products are value priced.  They are made of high quality non corrosive T304 stainless steel on the inside and out (same type Americraft uses) and have a great heat conduction core  that creates very fast and even heat.  The lids create a Vapor Seal like Americraft which holds all the moisture and heat so you can use lower heat and little to know added water when cooking.  We only want happy customers so we have great customer service and allow you to preview products before you pay.  Whichever company you decide to go with  just look for higher quality stainless steel T304 , 7ply construction and of course sealing covers.  If you are wanting a great new set of cookware, surgical stainless steel waterless cookware is definitely a great long lasting product!  Thank you for your interest in our products!

is it made in u s a

Vapo-Seal is not made in the USA it is made in China.  It is made of high quality T304 surgical steel inside and out and is well constructed and lifetime guaranteed.  If you are only interested in US made cookware we do have a waterless set made in Clarksville TN available called Flavor Seal it is a little more expensive at $479 a set including shipping.  If you are interested in this set call and ask us about our preview program.  Thank you for your interest in our products.

We have a set of cory flavor seal cookware Is this cookware as heavy?

It will be as heavy or heavier in weight.  Our cookware is very similar to Flavor Seal.  Thank you for your interest in our cookware.

Hellowhich area freight charge to Puerto Rico?

You would need to pay $30 additional so we could send it to you priority mail.  Thank you for your interest in our products.

In 1967 I bought a set of Home Ec stainless steel waterless cookware. It was one of the best investments I have made-still have most of the set. There was of course a "lifetime warranty, but, I cannot find the company and am in need of replacement handles. Any idea about this company? Is your product made in the USA?

Regal Ware will replace these for you.  Their number is 262-626-2121 and website is www.regalware.com

How would compare your cookware against Saladmaster? What about Maxam?

There is very little difference between most waterless cookware set.  Differences include the number of plies, types of lids, types of stainless and some features.  Maxam has several sets.  Make sure if you buy Maxam you buy the ULTRA which is there 7Ply T304 stainless set.  Saladmaster uses a T316 stainless which they claim is better but T304 has been used in 98% of the waterless cookware sets since the 60's and is very non corrosive and lasts forever.  Maxam and Saladmaster have vented lids.  Vapo-Seal has both types.  This is really a personal preference feature.  Thank you for your interest.

How much will it cost to send to Iceland?

If you send me your address I can give you a quote.  Thank you for your interest.

I need replacement knobs for my lustre craft kettles bought over 27 years ago

Sorry for the delay. Your Lustre Craft parts are interchangeable with Lifetime.  You can get replacement knobs at 262-626-2121

I inherited a Lifetime electric fry pan and do not know how to use it.

Call Lifetime at 262-626-2121 and they can probably send you a book on your electric skillet.

I purchased Homemakers Guild waterless pans in 1969. Who do I contact for parts or repairs?

Please call Regal Ware at 262-626-2121 or you can find them online at www.regalware.com

Can you help guide me to replacement parts (handles for lids and pans) for a Homemakers Guild stainless steel cookware set purchased in 1968? Thanks

Check www.regalware.com or call Regal Ware at 262-626-2121.  They may sell the replacement handles.

I bought some Platinum cookware from Lake. You came up under a Platinum cookware search. Are you the same company? Do you have distributor pricing?

Sorry it took so long to respond. Lake Industries is a different company. You can find more information on distributing their product at www.lakeindustries.com.

Is this cookware sold in Canada and if so where at?

We don't have a store in Canada but I can ship it to you for additional shipping charge. A set of cookware to Canada is $45 additional to ship. Thank you for your interest. Suzanne

I purchased a set of Luster Craft cookware 40 yrs. ago. I was using the large fry pan and the lid has become stuck. I have tried everything I know to remove it but the suction is so strong it won't budge. Any suggestions on what to do to remove this? Thank You.

Put the pan on the stove and turn it on low until the pan is hot. It will come loose once the pan gets warm.

I purchased a set of Salad-master waterless cookware in 1959 or 1960. I would like to know where or if I can buy replacement pieces. I tried to access the Salad-master site, with no success. Can you help?

Saladmaster can be found at www.saladmaster.com and they still have their waterless cookware available. You can also contact them at 1-817-633-3555.

I have a set of Mircle Maid sharp knives 5 to a set. I broke the tip off the smallest one. Are there any replacements? I bought them 45 years ago. Please let me know. Thanks Phyllis Cliff

Please fill in an answer

I have a set of Mircle Maid sharp knives 5 to a set. I broke the tip off the smallest one. Are there any replacements? I bought them 45 years ago. Please let me know. Thanks Phyllis Cliff

I am not sure they will be replaceable.  Miracle Maid is no longer in business as far as I know.  Regal Ware will help you with handle replacements for this brand but I don't think the warranty is still effective.

I purchased a set of the T304s series and the smallest pot's handles on the sides have come loose. In addition, the lid nob of the large frying pan has come apart. How can I get these fixed?

Do you have any other information about the name brand of your cookware?  T304 would describe the surgical stainless steel many waterless brands are constructed with.

will the cookware work on a induction cook-top?

Yes.  All are of sets and pieces are guaranteed to work on an induction range.  They composition of the stainless steel on the very bottom conducts heat through induction.

I bought my complete set of cookware in 1958, I use them everyday, the handle on the small pan broke off, is it fixable? also I burned the bottom inside of the large 2 handle kettle, is there any think I can do for that? It is smooth inside but it is discolored. Thank you!

If the company is still in business it is possible that it had a lifetime guarantee.  Do you have the name brand for this?

My sister owns Health Craft cookware; how does your product compare. I have an induction cooktop; will your cookware work on induction?

Our cookware is similar to Health Craft.  It is made of T304 stainless on the inside and outside like Health Craft and can be used waterless and greaseless.  It will also work great on an induction range.  Thank you for your questions-Suzanne

I don't know where I have been all of my life but I have never heard of waterless cookware until I went to a Saladmaster demo. Now I see that there are several kinds in all price ranges. Saladmaster is like a car payment. What makes the difference in price and quality? I just want a good set that I can rely on and not mortgage my life.

The majority of people have not heard of waterless cooking.  It is usually only found on demonstrations and not in stores or on TV so there are less people aware of it.  Most people that have used waterless cookware are sold on it but there is a higher price tag with this type of cookware because of the high quality materials used to make it.  Our products are very similar to Salad master we just don't have as much expense in the sale so we have a lower price.  We do have a preview that we offer so you can see it first and we offer personal help with cooking properly if needed.  Thank you for your question-Suzanne

Does the 8 inch skillet come with a vented lid knob?

We only sell the 8" skillet with a non vented lid.  The lid for the 3.5QT will fit the skillet so if you have the set and want to use the vented lid from the 3.5Qt you can do this.

28 years ago we bought a waterless cook set from the West Bend company. The set was made by the multicore division. We have since broken the knob on top of some of the lids. Where can we purchase these replacement parts?

Try www.regalware.com or call 262-626-2121

I bought 5 ply stainless steel waterless cookware almost 40 years ago from a dinner party demonstration. I love this cookware and it has kept it shine and shape, except for the 2 8 inch skillets, they have formed round bottums (warped) and I cannot use them on my flat glass tope range as they spin. I sure miss using them, is there a replacement for them.

Is there anything written on the pans on the outside bottom or side.  I can help you find the correct company if I have more information.  Thanks.

I have a set of SaladMaster cookware. Can I cook waterless like your Vapor-Seal products?

You can cook waterless.  Take a look at www.saladmaster.com and they have many recipes to try out waterless and greaseless.

Is the Fresh Cut Food Cutter just like the Kitchen Craft Kitchen Kutter that is NOT sharp to the touch when touching the cones?

The cones are not sharp when you touch them but they work very well when the food is press through the cones. The pressure and angle help it to easily cut through hard vegetables such as carrots.

When I purchased my set of Salad Master Cook Set over 40 years ago I received a cleaner for keeping the inside looking good. In the many moves since then the cleaner has been lost. Is it possible to still get this cleaner?

Bar Keepers Friend is a great cleaner for your Salad Master. You can get get it in liquid or powder form at most grocery and hardware stores such as Wal-Mart, Food Lion, K-Mart, Lowe's, or Home Depot. You can also order online at www.barkeepersfriend.com. Thank you.

Please explain the difference between ply's and elements as it pertains to waterless cookware. I see 2 sets and one says 7 ply and the other set says 9 ply, please explain. How many elements does the 7 ply have and how many ply's does the 9 element have?????

The plies are more important to know than the elements.  The number of elements refer to the different types of metal/elements that makes up the product.  The plies tell you how many layers are sandwiched together to make the product.  Thank you

I am highly interested in your product. I really like the Kitchen Craft but at 3K per set, can't afford it. What is the difference between the 5 ply made in the U.S. and the 7 ply made in China? I don't mind paying an additional 150 for a longer lasting, better quality (I cook a lot) product. Also, do you sale baking pans?

Thank you for your interest.  They both are great sets.  They are both constructed with T304 stainless steel and have additional layering for fast even heat distribution.  The handles have a little nicer finish on the American made set versus the China made set but overall they perform very similarly.

about 25 years ago I purchased a "Permanent" brand waterless cookwarewith steam valve. Want to purchase extra pieces. How do I find them?

If you specifically want to purchase the Permanent brand I think it is a Regal Ware product.  You can contact them at 1-262-626-2121 or visit their website at www.regalware.com

Are all the knobs interchangeable between vented lids and nonvented lids? Is it possible to buy a lid apart from a pan or do all of your pans come with lids? It seems like the sets are short on lids.

Thank you for your interest.  The knobs are not interchangeable on the set.  All pans in the set come with a lid.

Is it difficult to clean the knobs venting lids after cooking?

It is just a matter of letting water run through the knob when washing by opening the valve when washing and rinsing.

How is your cookware compared to royal pristege cookware

It is very similar to the royal prestige.  It is constructed with T304 stainless steel on the inside and outside sidewalls with magnetic steel on the very bottom similar to the Royal Prestige brand.  Royal Prestige may be even plies throughout where as ours is 7PLY on the bottom and 3PLY on the sidewall.  Vapo-Seal middle layers are aluminum for even heat conduction like the Royal Prestige.  And last, the lids seal to the pan holding all the heat and moisture in so it will cook waterless and greaseless.  Thank you for your interest.

I have a set of lustre craft multi-core 5ply cookware purchased in 1972 & now have purchased an induction stove & am wondering if they can be used on this stovetop?

I am not sure if this will be induction capable.  The newer sets are induction ready.  Try lustrecraft at www.lustrecraftcookware.com  or call them at 800-800-2850.  Thank you

Can the lids of saucepans be flipped over (for storage) so that the lid sits inside thepot and below the top rim and another pot can be stacked on top of it?

Yes. The lids flip upside down and the pans stack neatly on top of each other. Thank you for your question.

I have a a set Of Permanent Multicore 5 ply stainless steel saucepans made in USA which I bought in the mid 1970'sSome the handles and knobs on the lids need replacement. How do I find them.

Handle replacements can be found at www.regalware.com or call 262-626-2121.  Thank you

I bought a set of Vollrath waterless cookware in 1970 and need most handles and knobs. Do you know if they would still be available somewhere?

Please call the Vollrath company.  You can find them at www.vollrathco.com.  The headquarters in WI phone number is  800-624-2051.  Thank you

I purchased a set of cookware in 1998 and now they need new handles and cover knobs that have the valve. How can I go about obtaining them? Thank-you

Can you read the bottom, side or knob of your pan and let me know what it says and I will see if I can help you get this taken care of.  Thank you

are the round cake pans in the set of five 9"in diameter?

The are 9.5 inches in diameter. Thank you for your question.

I purchased a Presto Pride set in the 70's, which was waterless cooking. How does this compare to your product? I am ready to buy a new set, but not pay as much.

I have heard of Presto Pride brand waterless cookware but have not actually seen the products. All of the waterless cookware brands I have seen are very similar to our Vapo-Seal. They are made with the same steel type T304 and have multi layers of metals in the core to give even heat conduction. If you are interested in our products you can call us to preview it and compare to what you have. Just to let you know also you can order Presto Pride replacement handles at www.regalware.com just in case you would like to refurbish your old set. Thank you for your question. Suzanne

I'm looking into purchasing a flat top electric range. I've heard cast iron is too heavy to use. What about your products? They are weighty.

Cast iron pans may scratch your stove and are heavier then our pans. Our pans work great on a flat glass top range and have never had a complaint regarding the weight of the pan damaging the top. Thank you for your question.

I purchased a set of cookware like 10 years ago, they have the valve at the lid and the valve disappeared from my biggest pot. With out the valve is not the same and I can't find a name on it, all it says at the bottom is VAPOR-SEAL 5 PLY induction on cooking 18.- 10 stainless steel. Do you which one I have? Thank you in advance.

It may help if you could send a picture by email of the pan and handle you need replaced.
Thanks, Suzanne suzanner@discoverwaterlesscooking.com

Where can I get replacement handles for a set of WearEver stainless steel cookware I purchased in 1965? This has been anExcellent investment in cookware. Has held up better than anything new I have purchased over the years.. Even works on myGlass cooktop.

Try www.wearever.com or call 800-527-7727 and see if they can help you.

29 years ago we purchased a set of West bend company waterless cookware by multicore. where can we purchase the vapor valve replacements for this.

Try calling regal ware at 262-626-2121

I bought some SaladMaster cookware at a house sale. Some pieces seem pitted and I can't seem to get them clean on the inside. What is the replacement policy?

I feel sure SaladMaster will replace these for you. We are a different company. You can find Saladmaster at www.saladmaster.com or call them at 1-817-633-3555. Thank you

Is there any difference in quality between foreign made waterless cookware and American made waterless cookware?

There appears to be little to no difference between the foreign made and American made cookware. Both of the manufactured products we carry are made with T304 stainless and have additional layers of metals(similar composition of metals in both) for quick even heat conduction. The lids are designed to fit on the pan to create a seal in both types. I have personally used both the American and foreign made cookware and have no preference between the two. They both work well. Thank you for your questions.

I have a electric Stainless Steel skillet by "Lifetime" cookware purchased through home demonstration about in the early 1980's. My cord is in need of replacement - how can I get one and what is the cost? There is a #8439 on the back of the control. I also need a side handle for my dutch oven. I found my booklet from Lifetime with the replacement listings - it should be the complete handle assembly #P853-20Please let me know if I am able to get these replacements and how to go about it.Thank You!I love my cookware and have used it everyday for years!Other marking on the back is 1500 watts E78229-HMD2W WB #1 control

Please call Regal Ware at 262-626-2121 and they can help you with your cord. Thank you

1. do you have united kingdom distributors for your products?2. What is the result of the sodium bicarbonate test on your product as compared to saladmaster3. Do you have a cook book4. What % of vitamins and minerals is retained in food cooked in your products?5. Is the material used in your product completely inert thus preventing "leaching" of chemicals into food.6. How does cooking with your products affect the speed of cooking compared to conventional cooking methods

We do not have a distributor in the United Kingdom however we ship to customers there through USPS. A set of cookware is an additional $100 for shipping and there are excise tax to you at delivery. The sodium bicarbonate test is neutral in our product. A cookbook comes with each set. There has been studies done on the % of vitamins and minerals retained and different results have been found. There is definitely higher vitamin and mineral plus antioxidant value in food cooked in the waterless cookware. Our product would yield similar results to what you have seen. As far as chemicals/metal leeching in the food I can't answer this question. T304 stainless is very resistant to corrosion and non reactive to acids and bases however, my guess is it is not 100% resistant to every acid or base so I am not able to properly answer this question. Last, the heat spreads fast and evenly in our pans and the stainless steel along with precise fitting cover holds the temperature very well. Thank you, Suzanne

How does your product compare to "Maxam KT17 9-Element 17 piece Cookware Set"And what is your equivalent product to this set of maxam.

Our cookware is most similar to the KT 17 Ultra set. When looking at these sets the most important factor is the grade of stainless steel T304 or higher, next would be the construction of layers(most of the waterless cookware sets are very similar in construction). Elements are not really important as this is just the number of chemical/physical element type combined in the make up of the product and can range greatly. Thank you for your question.

Had our vita craft since 1953, do you still have the grill "cookie sheet",pancake grill, very heavy? I'd like to purchase another. Our girls love "the grill", hope you can help!

Check with Vita Craft at www.vitacraft.com or call them at 800-359-3444.

I cannot open the lid from my small saucepan after heating some beans.....help. It seems to have sealed up!

Put the pan on the burner at low to medium until the pan is warm. It will release once the pan is heated.

where is cookware manufactured? how does your product compare to kitchen craft?

All of the products online are made in China and Korea. These products are made of the high quality T304 surgical stainless steel with additional layers of aluminum and alloys to give excellent heat conduction without touching your food and have lids that are made to create a water seal around the edge to hold the heat and steam in and cook waterless. The high quality stainless also allows you to cook greaseless. All of these properties are very similar to Kitchen Craft.

I am considering buying a set of your cookware, but am confused about the difference in the vented and non-vented cookware. What is the difference and why might I choose one over the other? I don't want to regret my choice.

The difference between the two types is one has a lid with a hole on the top that allows steam to escape and cause a whistle sound that when cooking reminds you that the pan is hot and steaming and you need to turn the heat to the lowest setting. If you are easily distracted or can't tell when a pan is hot than the vented is a good choice however you have to make sure you turn the vent to the off position once turned to low and the vents need cleaning occasionally so they require a little more work. The solid stainless steel covers do not remind you when the pan is hot. You will need to turn the heat back when the lid moves around and steam is trying to escape. If you are an experienced cook(can tell when a pan is hot) and stay in the kitchen for the first few minutes of cooking then the non vented set is a better choice. Our cookware does come with a cookbook to explain the waterless and greaseless cooking. Thank you for your question.

How does the original Permanent 5-Ply cookware compare to your Vapo-Seal?

The Vapo-Seal works very similar to the Permanent cookware. The 7PLY constructions conducts heat a little faster and more evenly than the 5PLY.

How does Vapo-Seal compare to Vita Craft? Can Vapo-Craft stackable cooking or be used on the induction cooking systems?

Vapo-Seal is made with similar materals and a similar construction as Vita Craft. It is stackable and can be used on the induction range. Thank you for your question.

can I use saladmaster cookware ona smooth top range?

Saladmaster or any other waterless cookware brand works great on a smooth top range.

Have you ever heard of Mastergaurd Waterless Cookware? Bought in early eighties at a demonstration party. It is 7 ply and has held up beautifully, but am in need of new valves for the lids and a couple of handles for the pots would not go amiss. They still work but are broken and would like to refurbish. Still very bright and shiny, for those wondering about cleanser for them, Bar keepers Friend was what was recommended when we ran out of the original that came with the set, and I have used it for over 30 years.. Any ideas where I can get new vents and handles?

I am not familiar with this brand but Regal Ware which is a bigger company may be able to help you. You can try them at 262-626-2121

I bought a set of LUSTER CRAFT pots and pans in 1960 and they are still at work in my sons kitchen. I received a set of Luster Craft knives in a knife holder at that time also, and want to replace one knife because it disappeared. Possible?

You can try calling the Lustrecraft company at 800-800-2850 or website www.lustrecraftcookware.com

can I order handles and knobs for my Mav waterless cookware. I bought it in 1987. #KTMAV17. My handles are looking rough and worn and thought I might replace so they will look better.

Try calling BNF for these at 214-333-2111 or website www.bnfusa.com

how can I buy that Permanent waterless cookware?

Regal Ware can help you get the Permanent brand cookware if they still make it. There website is regalware.com or phone 262-626-2121

Can the skillets go into the oven for baking and/or broiling? If so what temperature are the handles safe too? Thanks

The skillet can go in the oven up to 350 degrees.  We don't recommend putting vented lids in the oven at all but the solid covers should be fine as long as they are not too close to the oven heating element.  Thank you for your question.

have set of vollrath s/s cookware///mult pcs/d/oven little pans///can you put in oven without burning up handles///bought in early 1980

I can't guarantee it but I would definitely say that it is fine to put these in the oven.  Vollrath is a high quality brand of waterless cookware that should have oven safe handles.

I am looking for written instructions on how to use my mother-in-law's old vapor control cookware. The back of the pan has the following listed: VAPOR CONTROL Fogacci Divisione CASA INOX 18/10Thanks!

It sounds like it is a waterless cookware set so I would suggest you check some of the websites online that are similar to your mother-in-laws cookware company.  Some of the better websites are www.healthcraft.com and www.saladmaster.com.

I am ready to buy a new set of cookware, since my Saladmaster set burnt and no longer under lifetime warranty. i really like the vapo-seal for my needs now, however concerned that they are not made in USA. I am afraid of the possibility of lead and so. I have many health issues. What do you recommend?

Thank you for your interest in our cookware. Our products are all made with T304 surgical steel which is probably the same type your Saladmaster was made with if it was an older set. Lead is a very soft metal and could not be a component in steel due to it's properties. Surgical Stainless steel is made up of several different metals and combined is very non reactive to acids and bases and it is very strong and durable. We guarantee it won't corrode or pit and we also do guarantee the handles and knobs. If you really are set on the American Made products there are several companies to choose from. For price and quality I would first recommend Healthcraft and New Era products. A little pricier but quality also would be Americraft and then the highest priced SaladMaster and Townecraft which now uses a little higher grade of stainless steel in their sets. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you, Suzanne

any way i can buy a replacement cord for the 12 inch oil core skillet?

Can you tell me what brand of Oil Core Skillet you have?  I can try to get you to the proper place to get the correct cord.  Thank you, Suzanne

What can you tell me about the quality of town craft cook ware? Also where was it made?

Town Craft brand is a different company than us.  We carry primarily the Vapo-Seal brand with a couple of other optional products and brands but we do not carry Town Craft.  The Vapo-Seal product is a high quality T304 surgical stainless steel heavy weight construction with a core that cooks very evenly and quickly and the steel holds the heat very well.  The Vapo-Seal brand is guaranteed for life.  Thank you for your question.  Suzanne

Which, if any, of your cookware sets contain vented lids? I've looked through your product lists and it doesn't seem to be clear. Also, if these are purchased as a gift, is there any way the 30-day return can be extended until after the recipient has received them?

Thank you for your question.  We only carry the solid covers in the Vapo-Seal brand.  We have other items available that do have vented lids.  And, yes we can extend the 30 day money back guarantee as of the gift date rather than purchase date.  Thank you, Suzanne

How deep is your Vapo-Seal 11″ Skillet

The 11" skillet is about 3.75" deep.  Thank you for your question, Suzanne

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